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Lindsey and Cherish Conklin, who make up the team of Le Reve Films, are Andy’s guests on this episode of The Wedding Biz. This duo is known for their work on the Engage 19 Baha Mar summit and other discerning clients. Cinematography to them is building a relationship with clients and telling their stories through film. They are brilliant at capturing the emotion of events in the most engaging ways. Lindsey started taking multimedia classes in high school and shooting video wherever he could. He quickly found that if you used video in school projects, you were pretty much guaranteed a good grade. Cherish, on the other hand, took control of the family video camera at a young age. She says that if it weren’t for her, they wouldn’t have any home videos. They have been friends since they were three, but it took until the last few years of high school for Lindsey to get out of the friend zone with Cherish, and they have been together ever since. The leap from a steady job and guaranteed income to building their own business was terrifying, but the benefits outweighed the fear, and it paid off with the success of their company. Their goal is to keep Le Reve Films a small boutique company so they can concentrate on crafting fine art wedding films for every client. Capturing the true essence of a couples’ wedding day requires that they know the real, raw, and profound truth on how the couple came together. Wow! The tips that these two give us in this conversation are mind-blowing. The way they market their business and themselves is truly next level. They have found ways to set themselves apart in an industry that is saturated, which is why they will be around for years to come. Listen to this episode with a drink in one hand and a pen in the other. This episode will teach and entertain, so be ready.

Show Highlights:

[02:59] Welcome to the show Lindsey and Cherish.

[03:16] They chat about meeting each other when they were three and how they grew up together.

[05:03] Cherish grew up taking videos of her family to capture moments.

[05:26] Lindsey took multimedia classes in high school and learned that if you did a video for a school project, it was guaranteed to get a good grade.

[06:11] Being able to tell stories is what drew Lindsey to making videos.

[09:26] In his early 20’s, Lindsey got into an E-Commerce company with his friend and helped grow the company.

[10:33] What did you learn from your time with the E-Commerce company that you use today with Le Reve?

[11:43] Cherish says that college wasn’t a priority for her; she chats about handling the day-to-day operations of Le Reve

[13:34] Lindsey discusses editing a friend’s wedding video when he was a teenager and the idea of filming weddings was born.

[15:55] Leaping into the video business was terrifying, from a financial perspective, however, they had to go with where their hearts were.

[17:30] Le Reve Films has been crafting fine art wedding films for over 13 years.

[17:47] What do you mean by the phrase crafting fine art wedding films?

[19:54] Building the emotional connection between film and music is difficult but very important.

[21:53] For the Baha Mar Engage summit, what do you mean when you say you went outside of the box with the music?

[23:01] It’s their goal to know the couple they are filming, so they send out a special questionnaire before they meet.

[24:39] What questions do you ask on the questionnaire to dig a little deeper beyond the surface?

[28:10] Ninety-eight percent of their business is weddings, and they usually always film together.

[28:59] Lindsey describes some favorite moments at weddings that touches him.

[30:41] Cherish says her favorite part of the wedding day for her is the time with the bride before she walks down the aisle.

[32:27] How do you stand out in this market and stay relevant?

[34:05] Networking is different for them because there are two of them, and they have different personalities. Lindsey is outgoing and Cherish is a nurturer.

[37:13] The way you follow up with people depends on the connection that was made. Cherish shares some of her experiences.

[39:35] How are you utilizing social media in your business? Do you use an agency?

[42:03] Lindsey brags on Cherish putting together one-minute Instagram teaser videos of the weddings and how they help all the vendors/creative partners cross-promote.

[44:20] They share a brilliantly effective way to communicate their proposals.

[46:35] How do you deal with the time you spend on weddings and traveling when you have two children?

[49:17] Thank you, Lindsey, and Cherish for being on the show!

[49:57] Look for the Next Level the show that does a deep dive into some of the great ideas we heard on this episode.

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