The Wedding Biz: THE NEXT LEVEL – JULIE NOVACK Discusses LE REVE FILMS – Fine Art Wedding Films Plus Networking and Social Media Tips!

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Andy has Julie Novack as his guest co-host today on The Next Level. Julie is the CEO and Co-Founder of PartySlate. PartySlate is a photo-rich website where leading event professionals share their work, build their brand, and drive leads. Le Reve Films is the brainchild of Lindsey and Cherish Conklin. This husband and wife team is known for their work on the Engage 19 Baha Mar Conference as well as their work with other discerning clients. To them, cinematography is building a relationship with clients and telling their stories in the most effective way possible. Andy and Julie discuss Lindsey and Cherish’s unique way of following up with people they meet at networking events. Their ability to market themselves and their business with Instagram stories that are authentic and moving and the way they take these Instagram links and share them with creative partners. The trick to standing out with potential clients, when you know they have many options, is to send an introduction video with your proposal. Do you follow up with everyone you meet when networking? Julie chats about her policy of following up with four or five people whom she meets and building meaningful and lasting relationships with them. She believes it is better to concentrate on a few than to spread yourself so thin that you don’t make truly meaningful connections. Le Reve Films has a very different approach to and making wedding films. Listen in as Andy and Julie dive into some of their favorite parts of the interview and see if you can pick up a nugget or two that you can use in your business.

Show Highlights:

  • [00:56] Hey Julie, welcome back to the show!
  • [02:35] They chat about Le Reve Films focusing on the story of the couple.
  • [03:25] Julie talks about how Lindsey and Cherish capture the authentic and real-life stories of their clients.
  • [05:04] The way they follow up with the people they meet while networking is unique.
  • [06:55] Julie focuses on creating four or five meaningful relationships she makes while at conferences and speaking engagements.
  • [09:13] It’s impossible to follow up with everyone you meet, don’t spread yourself thin.
  • [10:46] Instagram stories and sharing them with vendors can broaden your client base.
  • [11:50] Cross-promoting with creative partners gives everyone they deserve.
  • [13:20] Sending an introduction video with proposals is a great way to set yourself apart.
  • [14:20] Julie, thank you for being on the show again!

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Lindsey and Cherish of Le Reve Films

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Julie Novack, CEO and Co-Founder of Party Slate

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Julie Novack on The Wedding Biz

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