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“This fragility of a moment fascinated me, and this is something I always wanted to do, freeze moments.” Andy’s guest on the show today is Zuzu Birkhof. Listen as they discuss her grandfather’s encouragement to go to film school, being the first female to assist the well-known german photographer Olaf Heine, and why she transitioned to wedding photography, plus so much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Zuzu is a photographer working out of Berlin. She had worked many years in fashion and commercial photography before switching to weddings in which she brings her fashion aesthetic. Zuzu has recently added a new element to her business called The Love Empire, unique shootings for daring brides.

Zuzu shares her journey from film school to producing and finally into photography. She talks about why she transitioned into wedding photography and describes how her style differs from other industry photographers. Listen as Zuzu shares why she sees the final picture before she pushes the button.

Zuzu discusses her new project, The Love Empire, where she got the idea and how the pandemic has allowed her to bring the idea to life. Creating concepts for brides in many locations, and that are unique to them before the actual wedding, is Zuzu’s way of letting the bride relax on her wedding day because she knows the perfect shot has already been taken.

Her approach to photography is different from the norm, but with her unique take on how a picture should look and what colors need to be pushed in post-production, she can give her clients a once in a lifetime picture to look back on. You don’t want to miss Andy’s conversation with Zuzu Birkhof.

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Show Highlights:

[02:07] Welcome to the show, Zuzu!

[02:20] Zuzu talks about growing up in and around Opera houses and how moving every year affected her life.

[04:11] Andy shares his childhood, which he believes gave him a restless spirit because he constantly moved like Zuzu.

[05:45] Zuzu speaks about when she got a passion for photography.

[06:45] She speaks about getting her first camera and her grandfather’s influence in going to the film academy.

[08:13] Zuzu talks about being the first female assistant to the well-known German photographer, Olaf Heine.

[09:52] Zuzu started working as a producer before she began her freelance business.

[11:07] While producing, she started working with large publications and celebrities.

[12:06] What was it like to get the opportunity to produce an editorial with Iggie Pop?

[13:11] Zuzu shares why she transitioned into wedding photography.

[15:35] Zuzu describes how her style of shooting weddings differed from what other photographers were doing.

[17:24] Listen as Zuzu speaks about seeing the final picture before she pushes the button.

[19:17] Zuzu describes her process from when she meets the client for the first time.

[22:12] Zuzu speaks about her new project, The Love Empire, and where the idea came from.

[25:20] She talks about creating concepts for brides with many locations and unique to them.

[26:52] Because she shoots the brides anywhere from 4 months to 2 weeks before the wedding, she gets to know the clients on a different level.

[28:43] How has COVID affected your business? 

[29:44] Zuzu discusses how she is marketing her new project during the pandemic.

[30:27] Zuzu shares what type of client she is targeting with her new project.

[31:45] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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