The Wedding Biz – 298: MARIA BOUSTANY discusses YARA ESTEPHAN Planning and Designing in 3D Out Of Beirut

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Andy’s guest co-host today is Maria Boustany, from Chateau Rweiss in Lebanon. Listen as they discuss the beauty of the Chateau, the weddings and events she has done with Yara Estephan, an extremely gifted planner and designer out of Beirut, and much more on this episode of The Next Level.

Maria and Andy discuss the 3D renderings that Yara uses when designing weddings and how the finished product looks like she envisions. Maria describes the fun wedding Yara planned for the owners of a major ice cream brand at the Chateau and how the design reflected the couple to perfection.

Listen as Maria speaks about how, because of the pandemic, the Chateau has had only about 10% of the weddings they usually have in 2020 and how the weddings they had were significantly smaller than what they usually are. Maria shares that although the weddings were smaller, Yara’s were exquisite because she could focus better on the details.

Yara and Maria have used the pause to focus on advancing their learning, and bringing Lebanon and the Chateau to the forefront as the place to have your destination wedding. Are you planning a destination wedding? The Chateau might be the hidden gem you’ve been looking for.

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  • [01:06] Welcome to the show, Maria!
  • [01:36] Maria describes the Chateau and where it is located.
  • [02:44] Maria speaks about when she met Yara. 
  • [04:07] Listen as Maria discusses the 3D renderings that Yara uses when designing weddings.
  • [06:21] Maria describes the ice cream wedding Yara designed at the Chateau.   
  • [07:46] There are eighteen different religions in Lebanon, and Yara and Maria have to be familiar with all the traditions for their events.
  • [11:08] Maria shares that the Chateau has had 10% of their yearly weddings in 2020.
  • [12:18] Designing smaller weddings and the ability to concentrate on the details is where Yara excels.
  • [14:19] Andy and Maria speak about Yara giving employees days off after events, which is rare in the industry.
  • [15:54] Listen as Maria shares how she is advancing her learning during the pandemic and increasing Lebanon’s visibility with destination weddings.   
  • [16:56] Thank you so much for being on the show!               

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Maria Boustany, Chateau Rweiss in Lebanon.

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