The Wedding Biz – 207: THE NEXT LEVEL – SEAN LOW Discusses ROBERT SHERMAN/Washington Talent – Creating Happiness One Event at a Time and Forming A Partnership

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The Next Level welcomes back Sean Low. Sean’s company, The Business of Being Creative, focuses on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative. His client list includes the whos who of the wedding industry and design community.

Robert is the owner of Washington Talent, the iconic entertainment company out of the Washington, DC area. Robert is passionate about what he does and is in it to bring joy not only to his clients but also to his industry partners.

Andy and Sean discuss how Robert expanded his company by adding services designed to make Washington Talent a place where you get everything you need for an event. They talk about his ability to be flexible and professional with the planners, which makes the events less stressful for them.

Did you hear that Robert and Andy are partnering up on Kushner Entertainment? Listen as Sean talks about all the positive things that are in store for these powerhouses of the music and events industry as they combine their forces and form a mega team. Robert is bringing his business acumen to add structure to Kushner Entertainment, and that will leave Andy to focus on what he loves, which is being creative.

This is one of those conversations that will keep you spellbound. Every time you think you’ve heard all they have to say, they say something better. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn some news about the event industry that not a lot of people know yet, don’t you want to be able to say “have you heard?”

Show Highlights:

  • [01:32] Welcome back to the show, Sean!
  • [02:55] Sean talks about how Robert grew his business by adding more services.
  • [04:22] Expanding out of downturns in your company can bring you through tough times.
  • [06:32] He speaks about Robert’s ability to be flexible and professional and know where the pain points are for planners at events.
  • [11:46] Sean discusses partnerships and why Robert is coming on board with Andy to add more business structure to Kushner Entertainment.
  • [14:01] Andy is glad to have Robert take over the business side so that he can concentrate on the creative side.
  • [17:21] Sean talks about a purification that will allow them to be more focused on bringing what they both know how to do so well together to bring the company to a different level.
  • [19:50] When you put circles together, and they overlap compellingly, then the partnership will be beneficial to everyone.
  • [22:13] Andy thanks Sean for all of his help with this business venture.
  • [24:08] Sean, thank you so much for being on the show again!

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Sean Low, Founder and President of The Business of Being Creative LLC.

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