The Wedding Biz – 176: SEAN DE FREITAS – From King of Carnival to King of Design

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Andy is excited to welcome, Sean De Freitas, Founder of Designs by Sean an International award-winning full service event decor company specializing in both corporate and social events. Sean’s work has been recognized with over 35 industry awards and his designs are out of this world. In this episode, Sean chats about how he got started in design, his influences along the way, how a logistic mind is crucial and how lighting can make or break an event. Listen in as he tells a moving story about how getting to know his client led to making a father-daughter dance a moment they and none of their guests will ever forget. In this episode you will get it all from Sean, the ups, the downs and what he had to change to make this his best life.  Go to his website to see his amazing designs then sit back, tune in and learn about the man behind the creations.

Show Highlights:

[03:10] Welcome to the show Sean De Freitas! [04:53] Sean tells us how he knew what he wanted to do with his life after going to Carnival at 6 years old. [09:38] He tells us how at 11 he was crowned Jr Carnivale King. [10:12] The performance part of it changed his life and set him on the path to his career. [11:31] Sean talks about his first job with mentor Neal Goldberg. [12:58] He believes that you have to have a logistic mind to be successful. [14:34] In what ways are we all influenced by art? [16:20] Learn how Sean did something really special for a dad to make his daughter’s wedding special. [20:11] Sean describes the process he goes through with each client for their event. [23:08] What method does he use to come up with ideas for his clients? [25:30] How does Sean get his events to evolve? [26:56] He gives us some examples of events he did that evolved beyond what they expected. [32:59] Why is lighting for an event so important? [36:13] Why does Sean think that reinventing your business leads to career longevity? [41:57] Listen as he tells us what he is changing so that he has a better quality of life and career. [53:01] Is taking on a partner or teaming up with someone good for your business? [54:28] How does Sean define success in business or life in general?

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