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Andy is very excited to welcome Carrie Goldberg. She is the Digital Travel & Weddings Editor at Harpers Bazaar where she oversees all things weddings and travel for She is in charge of content, strategy, and visuals for Bazaar’s digital travel and wedding verticals and editor of their new membership program Bazaar Bride.

She has worked on Live with Regis and Kelly at ABC and as fashion editor for Martha Stewart Weddings to name a few. When she joined Harpers Bazaar, they didn’t really focus on weddings and she changed all of that. Since then she has published dozens of original fashion and decor content for the site, plus she has created a considerable brand voice.

Carrie and Andy chat about her internships and working the red carpet at the Oscars with Faith Cromas, Kelly Ripa’s stylist. She speaks to us about working with Martha Stewart Weddings, which helped her gain the knowledge to succeed in her job at Harpers Bazaar.

Carrie says she has the job she always wanted, even as a small child, and couldn’t be happier. Listen in as she gives us insight into weddings, styling, and why she is passionate about the notion of luxury being redefined.

Show Highlights:

[02:07] Welcome to the show, Carrie!

[03:05] Carrie tells us that in 4th grade she didn’t go to school for a week because she felt she didn’t have anything to wear.

[04:25] She grew up in New York City and always had a hunger for fashion and art.

[05:25] In high school, she did an internship at a fashion PR firm and stayed until after college.

[06:03] She went to a call at ABC studio for Live with Regis and Kelly for a digital internship.

[07:35] Working on the Oscars with Faith Cromas, Kelly’s stylist, she was able to learn evening gowns and evening wear.

[09:00] Carrie says there is very little difference between doing weddings and doing things like the Oscars.

[10:10] She believes that people are not really sentimental about weddings like they used to be.

[11:03] The trend now is for couples to pay for their weddings instead of asking their parents.

[11:43] What are some interesting statistics that you can share with us?

[12:40] They developed a members club for their faithful readers in the form of a subscription.

[14:20] Carrie tells us she is surprised that more women aren’t planning their weddings on their phones.

[15:10] She believes that women’s personal styles are more layered than they ever realized.

[17:14] Do you have any thoughts on something that might compete with Instagram?

[19:03] Graduating their readers from honeymoon travel to regular travel is a way for them to keep their readers longer.

[20:30] She feels very passionate about redefining what luxury is. Luxury is no longer a synonym for expensive.

[23:47] Martha Stewart Weddings was a finishing school in styling for Carrie. Taking the red carpet style on people and putting it on the printed page was something she had never done.

[26:15] Lighting is huge because it can invoke a feeling depending on what kind of lighting is used.

[27:03] She has accumulated and publishes a list of the best planners, best florists, and best photographers.

[29:13] She asks real brides who they could or couldn’t use and why. She keeps them in mind to watch for her list.

[31:10] How are you dealing with the immediacy of today’s digital world and people’s ability to instantly share content?

[33:15] Fashion is the first thing that grabs her attention for the magazine, second is diversity in every way.

[36:58] They discuss how ironic it is that weddings are circling back to the traditional style.

[38:15] She has had speaking engagements about the notion of redefining luxury. She has also talked about ridding the industry of styled shoots in favor of working on real weddings.

[39:30] What is something you haven’t spoken about that you would like to in the future?

[40:18] Where do you see yourself in three to five years?

[42:58] She hopes that she handles the pressure of her position gracefully.

[43:40] Have you thought about your own wedding? What would you do?

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