The Wedding Biz – 148: Liese Gardner – Brand Therapy & Marketing With Heart

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One of the most fundamental components of any business is marketing and communication. The art of learning how to create an effective marketing strategy is crucial. In this episode of The Wedding Biz, Andy Kushner interviews communications specialist, Liese Gardner, and unravels some of the industry secrets to mastering your marketing and expressing your brand. To hear more about creating a sustainable and well-curated business, join Andy and Liese in this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Show Highlights:

  • The fundamentals of marketing
  • What makes PR relative to marketing today
  • What drew Liese to the event industry
  • The foundation of starting a business
  • Using Instagram effectively
  • Figuring out categories to focus on for your business
  • How to use Facebook for business
  • Creating a group and targeting your tribe
  • The process of brand therapy
  • Being intentional about how you use your voice
  • Using email as a marketing strategy
  • Re-engineering what you want the future to look like and setting goals
  • The negative impacts of brands overcompensating for loyalty
  • What people should look for to find the right marketing strategist for them

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