The Stylish Bride 08: How to Make Sure Your Wedding Dress Bustle Doesn’t Break

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On today’s show, Julie talks with Giselle Ghofrani about your wedding dress bustle. Most designers do not design the wedding dress to be bustled. The designers do not think about the dancing sitting, or jumping around – they only care about walking down the aisle and that you will look amazing.

Show Highlights:

  • Do not recommend bustling layers together
  • Dresses are bustled almost 50% of the time you’re in it
  • Almost everything done for a wedding dress bustle is done by hand
  • Bustles hold a lot of weight
  • Expect your wedding dress bustle to break
  • Types of Bustles: American Bustle, French Bustle, Fold under Bustle, Double French bustle
  • Step off the riser when you are trying on your dress
  • Every dress bustles differently for every person
  • Dancing loop for before until bustling the dress
  • Bustle the dress to be off the ground
  • At a fitting try to dance, and sit in your dress
  • Do not let your groom pick you up – resist the urge
  • Make sure the weight is distributed on the bustle evenly 
  • Recommend having tons of safety pins
  • How to fix bustle with safety pins

Julie really wants to hear from you, so if you have questions or comments, please reach out to her so you can be sure you are dressed, styled and down the aisle!

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