The Stylish Bride 07: How to Transport Your Wedding Dress

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On today’s show, Julie talks about how to transport your wedding dress to where it needs to be with the least amount of stress and hassle. You will need to ascertain your threshold of dealing with uncertainty. How the dress is packed plays a big part in the condition it arrives in. She will talk about the pros and cons of shipping vs. carrying the dress with you, as well as tips for the best practices.

Show Highlights:

  • After final fitting, and alterations, they will steam and pack your dress
  • Make sure they pack the dress properly
  • Bodice stuffed with cardboard and tissue paper
  • A Layer of plastic over the dress before it goes into the bag
  • If not packed properly you can take to a dry cleaner and ask them to pack it properly
  • Pros and Cons of Shipping vs carrying the dress with you
  • Taking the dress with you best for brides who are nervous to have the dress out of sight
  • Size of the dress the garment bag can be huge
  • Want to lay dress down flat in vehicle
  • More complicated if flying with your dress
  • Logistics when flying with your dress (Carrying it, going through security, more handling of the dress)
  • How susceptible your dress is to becoming wrinkled
  • Where to put it on the plane 
  • Call ahead to airlines for carrying on a dress
  • Purchase an extra seat for the dress on the plane
  • You can check the dress onto a plane
  • Keep in mind luggage gets lost
  • Make sure who is shipping uses express overnight with a tracking number
  • Keep the dress in a box as little time as possible
  • Don’t forget weekends can change shipping time frames
  • International shipping, pay attention to filling out the Customs forms
  • Using a service you need someone on the other end to sign to receive a package

Julie really wants to hear from you, so if you have questions or comments, please reach out to her so you can be sure you are dressed, styled and down the aisle!

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