The Stylish Bride 02: Help! I’m Engaged

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Julie Sabatino has dedicated the past 15 years of her life to helping brides from around the world with all of the fashion elements of their weddings and has accumulated a wealth of information. She is now excited to show you how to prepare for your special day via The Stylish Bride Podcast.

You’re engaged…now what? Perhaps you think finding the perfect dress is on your radar. Julie suggests taking many details to take into consideration before finding your dream dress.  The date, venue, formality of the event, and what kind of mood/vibe you expect to have on your special day. In today’s episode, Julie will give you some wonderful advice about the steps to take after your engagement.

Today’s show is the second episode of The Stylish Bride Podcast, you will soon discover that this podcast is going to be your best reference to consider while planning every little detail of your wedding; therefore, don’t stress! Julie is an expert in her niche’ so relax as you receive incredibly good advice on today’s show.

Show Highlights:

  • Navigating the dress shopping experience
  • Dress shopping and fitting timeframe
  • Things to consider prior to placing your dress order
  • Setting the tone of your wedding by the type of dress you select
  • Can you find the wedding dress you want from a magazine photo?
  • How to do proper research
  • Using a Pinterest board as a tool
  • Salon appointment tips
  • How to determine the right people to accompany you to the salon
  • Importance of knowing how you process information
  • Tune in to next week’s show as we continue our conversation so you can be dressed, styled, and down the aisle!

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The Stylish Bride website.

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