The Stylish Bride 01: Welcome to the Stylish Bride

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In 1999, at the age of 22, Julie was working in finance after graduating from college and met the man of her dreams. When Julie became engaged, she found herself looking for something that simply did not exist. She didn’t know where to find information about how to plan her wedding. Magazines and books were the primary resources she used for planning her wedding because Internet planning wasn’t yet popular. From the agonizing process of the dress selection, and trying on literally hundreds of dresses, Julie realized there was absolutely nobody out there to help her. From this exhausting experience, the idea of her business was born.

Julie Sabatino has dedicated the past 15 years of her life to helping brides from around the world with all of the fashion elements of their weddings and has accumulated a wealth of information. She is now excited to show you how to prepare for your special day via The Stylish Bride Podcast.

Enjoy tuning in to the first episode of what promises to be the best go-to podcast for dealing with all the tricks of the trade when it comes to planning the details of your wedding. Julie wants to make sure you are dressed, styled, and down the aisle!

Show Highlights:

  • Julie shares details of planning her own wedding.
  • A difficult process of wedding planning was agonizing.
  • Julie reveals how her career path changed.
  • The Stylish Bride began!
  • Julie shares her passion for helping others plan weddings.
  • De-mystifying brides’ expectations
  • Mother of the bride
  • Wedding shoes
  • Next steps for this podcast
  • Empowering brides with the knowledge to make the best choices
  • Setting the details of your wedding
  • Too many opinions are not a good thing while shopping.
  • Final dress fitting tips
  • Excitement about helping you on future episodes of this new podcast


Links Mentioned in the Show:

The Stylish Bride on Instagram

The Stylish Bride website

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