The Wedding Biz – 475 RENNY PEDERSEN: Crafting Personalized Experiences for Clients While Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle

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Welcome to another episode of The Wedding Biz, with Andy interviewing Renny Pedersen, the owner of Bliss Events based out of Chicago! Bliss Events is an award-winning company renowned for its creativity and unique approach to wedding planning, and Renny truly has a remarkable entrepreneurial journey dating back to her childhood when she started her first venture at only ten years old!

Tune in to learn how, over the years, Renny has fine-tuned her approach to creative flair by focusing on personalization and unique experiences for her clients. She and Andy discuss how her creative process involves understanding each couple’s personality, history, and preferences to create events that truly reflect their essence, and she gives such a wonderful example of how she did just that! She also addresses the challenges of setting a minimum budget for her services and her decision to limit the number of weddings she takes on, as well her biggest struggle being the common entrepreneurial plight – finding a balance between her professional life and her personal life.

Renny’s dedication to constant evolution, learning, and staying open to change has enabled her to stay relevant and thrive in the dynamic wedding industry, and she also shares what she most looks forward to in the future at 50 years old. This is such an insightful episode in which Andy really appreciates Renny’s participation, and he hopes that you enjoy listening to it! If so, then he would love it if you were to share it with colleagues and leave a top review wherever you listen. Be sure to also subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode, and we will catch you next week on The Wedding Biz!

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Time Stamps

[0:33] – Andy announces that Renny Pedersen of Bliss Events is today’s guest!

[1:29] – Learn about how Renny embraced entrepreneurship from a very young age.

[3:03] – Renny predicts that she likely got her entrepreneurial flair from her mother.

[3:44] – Renny reflects on her time in culinary school which sparked a passion for hospitality.

[5:07] – How did Renny make the transition over to the wedding industry?

[8:24] – Renny describes her signature.

[11:29] – Renny shares an example of a modern couple’s unconventional celebration.

[13:03] – Renny describes the event: its incorporation of Hamilton and chocolate chip cookies.

[15:26] – Hear how various unexpected delights left attendees feeling awestruck.

[17:11] – Renny gets a lot of ideas during walks.

[19:35] – Years of experience led to personalized event planning for fewer clients.

[21:39] – Renny expanded to balance business and creativity, allowing space for innovation.

[23:11] – Driven by creativity, Renny’s personality prioritizes aligning work with aspirations.

[25:24] – Hear how setting a minimum budget clearly communicates Bliss’s value.

[27:25] – Learn why Bliss charges a percentage rather than a flat rate.

[28:13] – Remy thinks about the balance between ultra-luxury and her happiness.

[31:18] – Renny argues that it’s fine to not always chase ultra luxury.

[33:08] – Renny recognizes her ability to constantly evolve as a strength.

[34:53] – What about the future excites Renny?

[37:59] – Andy provides us with Renny’s contact information.



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