The Wedding Biz: THE NEXT LEVEL: SEAN LOW Discusses MICHAEL CERBELLI – The Hot List and the Ultimate in Event Creation

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The Next Level welcomes Sean Low, Founder, and President of The Business of Being Creative LLC, which focuses on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative. He has worked with many prestigious clients in both the design community and the wedding and event industry.

Michael is the founder of Cerbelli Creative, an event design and production company, and the creator of The Hot List, a list of the best ideas in the industry, and was inducted into the Event Industry Hall of Fame in 2019 by Bizbash.

Andy and Sean discuss Michael’s passion for the industry and his belief that the size of the event doesn’t matter as long as it creates long-lasting memories for the clients. They deliberate on Michael’s knack for challenging everyone around him to be an artist, and his need to inspire people to take risks.

Sean examines Michael’s philosophy of paying his people well, letting them grow, and the importance of recognizing them for a job well done. This is taking Andy’s interview with Michael to the next level, diving in, and discussing some of the juiciest parts of the conversation…you will be glad you listened in!

Show Highlights:

  • [01:12] Welcome to the show Sean, it’s great to have you back.
  • [03:11] Andy and Sean discuss the passion Michael has for what he does.
  • [04:08] They speak about how Michael feels that it doesn’t matter what size the event is. It’s the memories that need to last.
  • [05:26] Michaels believes that entertainment is the pulse of the event.
  • [07:01] Sean thinks that Michael is challenging everyone to be an artist, to inspire everyone to take well-calculated risks.
  • [08:56] They like the idea that Michael has about keeping his team informed about the contracts and did they charge enough to get it right?
  • [10:51] Michaels philosophy is to pay his people well and let them grow. Give them shares in the profit and recognize when they are performing above and beyond.
  • [13:41] They speak about how important it is to give recognition for a job well done, not just monetarily but also verbally.
  • [14:28] Sean loves Michael’s need to serve others.
  • [16:39] Check out Michael and Sean on their social media pages.
  • [17:50] Sean describes The BBC Collective and who it’s for.

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Sean Low, Founder and President of The Business of Being Creative LLC.

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