The Wedding Biz: DAVID MONN PART 2: Acumen in the Business of Events

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In this episode of the Wedding Biz, Andy brings back David Monn for part 2 of their conversation. David’s clients include social leaders from around the world. He is known for events like The Met’s Costume Institute Gala, and the 100th Anniversary of the Plaza Hotel, to name a few. He is also a contributing editor to Departures Magazine and has been featured in numerous luxury and lifestyle publications.

Listen as David breaks down how he planned the Met’s Gala, how he used the senses, time of year, and locations to make the event one of a kind. He discusses how having discipline and order at a function allows it to flow, and why the band or DJ should know how to read the energy of the group.

David’s wisdom knows no bounds. You can’t help but learn from listening to him talk about corporate events being about messaging the brand and learning his perspective on how to most effectively work with fundraisers.

He talks about the three main things he feels are given us in life and how thankful he is for them. The event industry is not something you get into because you need a job, you do it because you can’t see yourself doing anything else.

This is a fantastic conversation, with stellar stories and invaluable information. We have been waiting for this episode since July, when Part 1 was released, so get ready to be blown away yet again.

[03:03] Andy welcomes David back to continue their conversation.

[03:55] David speaks about aligning the senses, the time of year, and the location when planning an event.

[06:28] He stresses to clients, “Don’t let your idea of something hold hostage the foundation of what is already there.”

[08:30] He tells us the formula he used to plan the Met’s Costume Institute Gala in great detail.

[13:40] David states that having order during an event is about discipline and making sure each phase is managed well.

[17:35] Why is taking people from a dance floor back to a table, then from the table back to the dance floor challenging?

[19:01] How important is it for the talent to be able to read the energy of the group?

[21:18] David believes a bridal couple they should have a proper send-off as they did in bygone years.

[23:48] He explains why his approach to fundraising galas, corporate events, and social events is different from anything else he does.

[27:37] Listen as David gives examples of non-profit events he has planned and the programs he works with.

[32:12] Corporate events are about messaging the brand.

[34:32] He speaks about the business aspect of what he does and how he makes sure to be cognizant of the client’s budget.

[38:57] David explains that clients have a hard time telling you what their spend threshold is.

[43:58] How do you set up your company to go on without you? Do you have the business structure set up to make that happen?

[49:19] David says there are three things in life that God gives us: blessings, opportunity, and free will.

[50:22] The event industry is not something you get into because you need a job; it must be your passion.

[51:14] David’s final thoughts on events, how many people an event gives work to, and how many mouths they feed.

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