The Wedding Biz: THE NEXT LEVEL – JENNIFER STEIN Discusses JOE GOLDBLATT – Event Industry Pioneer and Founder, ILEA & CSEP Program

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Jennifer Stein, welcome back to The Next Level! Jennifer is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Destination I Do Magazine, which is found at newsstands in all fifty states and twelve counties. She also publishes a daily blog, consults, and custom publishes.

Joe Goldblatt is a true pioneer of the event industry; he owned The Wonder Company for over 20 years before selling it. He has written, edited, or co-authored 38 books, including the first textbook in the event industry. Joe has taught over 10,000 students in his teaching career and founded ISES, now known as ILEA. He also created the CSEP program and started event management studies at universities.

Have you examined your expenses lately? Listen in as Andy and Jennifer talk about Joe’s insight on staying lean, keeping costs down even when your business is flourishing. You don’t want to miss this strategy session, so schedule some alone time for you, relax and enjoy!

Show Highlights:

  • [01:44] Jennifer, welcome back to the show!
  • [03:08] Jennifer speaks about her awe of Joe and his accomplishments.
  • [04:37] She agrees that we need to not only work in your businesses but also to make time to work on our businesses. 
  • [07:55] Getting away by yourself without distractions is the best way to reflect and rejuvenate.  
  • [10:27] Andy talks about the book, The Artist’s Way, and the suggestion that we take one day a week for an “artist’s date.” 
  • [16:32] Doing comprehensive market research to see if you have an audience for your new idea is a smart way to know if you might succeed.
  • [18:57] Stay lean, keep your expenses low even when times are good so that you can survive when times are difficult.
  • [23:07] Have you looked at your costs lately? Can you get lean?
  • [25:02] It’s not what life hands you; it’s how you respond to what life gives you.
  • [26:24] Jennifer says she was so impressed with Joe and how humble he is.
  • [27:36] Thank you so much for being here, Jennifer!

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Jennifer Stein Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Destination I Do Magazine

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