The Wedding Biz: ANDY MARCUS: A Life in Wedding Photography

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Name any prominent New York socialite, and Andy Marcus has likely worked with them, their parents, and their children, too. As the second of three generations to uphold the Fred Marcus Studio brand, Andy Marcus has grown into his status as one of the rare few wedding photography legends, with his son, Brian, poised to carry the legacy forward. In Andy’s nearly 50 years of work in the industry, he’s photographed the weddings of Eddie Murphy, Kelsey Grammer, Mick Jones, Mary Tyler Moore, several of the Trumps, Princess Yasmin Aga Kahn, Billy Baldwin, Marvin Davis and more.

In today’s conversation, you’ll hear why Andy Marcus believes the best photographers prioritize long-term relationships with clients over traditional, one-off business models, and how technical revolutions in photography over the past half-century have saturated the market and affected his own approach to his work. Beyond the glamour of star-studded events and luxury venues, Andy and Andy dig into the creativity, precision, and humanity necessary for success in wedding photography.

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