The Wedding Biz – 378 REVISIT: MINDY RICE of MINDY RICE DESIGN – Creating Feelings Instead of Just Events

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When we think about wedding and event floral designs, our imagination is often limited to bouquets and centerpieces. Today, I am talking to one of the premier event designers in the world.  She sees flowers and foliage as a way to create lasting memories of events your guests will never forget. Mindy Rice, of Mindy Rice Design, is a native Californian with a creative lineage. Growing up, Mindy was taught how to think like a designer. Never feeling confined by the “rules” wedding floral arrangements like to follow, Mindy seemed to fall into the wedding business after designing events for the corporate world.

What makes Mindy unique is how she encourages her clients to step into their most daring self. She turns dreams into reality—no Pinterest board copy-cat ideas here! Today, Mindy is going to walk us through her process, from the exciting ideation stages to actually executing her most memorable pieces. She will share stories of how she has transformed a simple barn into a Redwood wonderland. Mindy will describe her favorite pieces, and how she uses color and perspective to transform any event space. Mindy’s goal is to create unique elements for each event that guests will really remember. She is not afraid to take a risk because she knows the risky pieces will always pay off. Every bloom and bough is placed thoughtfully so that guests will feel something long after the last toast and dance.

“Everybody has two personalities—who they really are, and who they dare themselves to be.” ~Mindy Rice

Today is not just about flowers and spectacle! Mindy and I will chat about what it means to own our own business, and how we can successfully balance our creative endeavors with family life. The event design business sometimes feels as though it could take over everything! Mindy embraces the life she’s been given and chooses jobs that will both fulfill her creatively and best support her family. Mindy is inspiring in so many ways, and I know she is going to transform the way you’ve always thought about flowers. Expect the unexpected when Mindy is around!

Show Highlights:

  • Mindy’s family has always been creative, and she uses that history to infuse design into her floral arrangements.
  • Mindy’s first job was raising show rabbits!
  • High school wasn’t Mindy’s thing, so she quickly entered design school.
  • Hear all about some of Mindy’s less successful design ventures.
  • Experience the amazing transformation of a simple barn into an enchanted wonderland.
  • Mindy explains her process of working with a client to translate their dreams into a perfect event.
  • Mindy wants her clients to be free to choose what they love, and dare to be a little different from the Pinterest trends.
  • Build client trust through visuals and pictures.
  • Mindy designs using color and proportion.
  • Hear the inspiring story about how Mindy made her passion into a business.
  • We discuss the common pitfalls of creative business owners: delegating to a team.
  • Mindy is still learning the balance between family life and operating her business.
  • Mindy and I share our favorite moments in this life we live and the business we love.

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