The Wedding Biz – 377: SUNNA YASSIN & MOLLIE JONES-HENNES: Staying Relevant in an Everchanging Industry

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Andy hopes that you will tune in to this episode of The Wedding Biz as he talks with Sunna Yassin and Mollie Jones-Hennes of Bash Please. Named top planners by Brides, Harper’s BAZAAR, and Martha Stewart Weddings, they are a full service creative event production company with studios out of Los Angeles and San Francisco. They are here to talk about what it takes to create an enjoyable and successful partnership, their social media strategy, their pricing philosophy, how they manage the business side of things, and so much more!

Sunna and Mollie reveal how they came together as partners, explaining that it happened very organically. They touch upon how they handle the business and financial side of the business in addition to the creative side as well as how they maintain balance between work and their personal lives, emphasizing the importance of finding time for self-care. They also discuss how they feel about virtual meetings and how they stay relevant in an industry that is always changing. The industry changes every six months or so, and Sunna and Mollie credit their relevance with the unique way that they interact with their current clients, resulting in word-of-mouth. Andy had a great time talking with Sunna and Mollie of Bash Please and encourages you to share this interview with three good friends who might get something out of it too!

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Time Stamps

[0:44] – Today’s guests are Sunna Yassin and Mollie Jones-Hennes of Bash Please.

[1:50] – We learn about the pivotal moment in Sunna’s life that veered her toward her current career.

[3:08] – Mollie reflects on her childhood and college years and how they affected her career path.

[4:50] – Discover how Sunna and Mollie formed their partnership.

[7:03] – Sunna reflects on whether or not there was any trepidation about partnering.

[8:52] – Mollie reveals that she more so handles the business side of things whereas Sunna handles the more creative side of things.

[10:12] – We learn how Mollie felt when she made the transition into partnership with Sunna.

[11:54] – We learn what makes Mollie’s and Sunna’s partnership unique.

[13:20] – For the most part, as they elaborate upon, both Mollie and Sunna are present at meetings with clients.

[15:10] – Sunna and Mollie talk about how they feel about virtual meetings.

[19:20] – Sunna and Mollie describe an upcoming event as an example of what they normally do.

[22:23] – Andy shifts the conversation toward the business side of things.

[23:09] – We learn that the experience that both Sunna and Mollie had prior to their partnership ended up being invaluable to it.

[24:37] – Mollie and Sunna touch upon what aspect of the job is the most challenging and stressful.

[26:48] – We discover Mollie’s and Sunna’s pricing philosophy.

[28:17] – Sunna and Mollie explain how they stay relevant in an industry that is always changing.

[31:08] – Mollie and Sunna elaborate upon their social media strategy and how they remain successful on social media.

[33:04] – We receive some advice regarding partnering.

[35:42] – Andy reveals how to find Sunna and Mollie online.


Find Sunna and Mollie:

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Bash Please – Facebook Page

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