The Wedding Biz – 370: MERYL SNOW: Selling Strategies and How They’ve Changed Within Today’s Market

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Andy’s friend Meryl Snow of Snowstorm Solutions returns in this episode of the podcast for a great conversation about selling strategies! Meryl is very well known in the event wedding catering space as the co-founder of Philly-based special event and catering industry Feastivities Events along with its subsidiaries OffShoots Decor and Philadelphia’s Picnic Company. A consultant, trainer, speaker, event producer, and designer, Meryl runs Think Tank workshops and travels around the United States training event professionals on sales related strategies.

Meryl is here today to discuss selling strategies we can all use, especially now that we are finally returning to business nearing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. She enthuses over the importance of personal connection and relationships in today’s market especially with the influence of the pandemic. She strongly emphasizes how crucial it is for salespeople to ask probing and open-ended questions of prospective clients so that they know and understand who they are and what they truly want. She also discusses at length the difference between features and benefits and how benefits will vary customer to customer.

Andy strongly encourages listeners to go back and listen to episodes 164 and 172 of The Wedding Biz to hear Meryl’s previous guest spots on the podcast. He really appreciates the time that Meryl spent on this conversation with him because all of us in the industry can benefit from her insight and tips. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss an episode, and if you can think of at least three good friends who would benefit from listening to the podcast, share it with them! Andy would also appreciate a positive review wherever you listen to the podcast!

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Time Stamps

[0:43] – We discover that Meryl Snow is returning as a guest in this episode of the podcast.

[2:01] – Meryl and Andy discuss selling strategies and how they have changed, such as how people need to sell themselves before selling their products.

[3:45] – Meryl stresses the importance of personal connection.

[5:51] – Successful sellers, Meryl asserts, know how to ask the right kind of questions.

[7:28] – Meryl reveals a couple of examples of questions that would be good to ask.

[10:11] – Meryl warns us about a question that we shouldn’t ask and explains why.

[11:19] – Meryl addresses price and how she determines whether or not her price is someone’s dealbreaker.

[14:07] – Meryl discloses how she goes about determining whether or not a prospective client can afford her services.

[16:06] – We discover that Meryl tries to get the client’s influencer into a meeting along with the client, and we learn why.

[19:00] – Meryl explains and exemplifies the difference between features and benefits.

[20:15] – Meryl shares a story that gives an example of benefits.

[22:14] – Meryl gives another example of benefits from a scene from a movie.

[25:35] – Andy and Meryl talk about selling virtually and the importance of body language.

[28:21] – Andy reveals where we can find Meryl online.



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