The Wedding Biz – 362: BRETT CULP: Transitioning Out of the Pandemic Back to “Normal”

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Join Andy in this episode as he chats with Brett Culp, an acclaimed filmmaker and social entrepreneur, having written, directed, produced, and edited the documentaries Legends of the Knight (2013) and Look to the Sky (2017). Brett is also a keynote speaker and is the personal cinematographer for Hollywood stars, music icons, authors, athletes, and royal families. This is his third time being on the podcast, and he joins Andy this time to talk about what it might be looking like to return to normal (whatever normal might even mean) life as we seem to finally be approaching the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Brett discusses how exhausting it was to have to reevaluate our lives after the pandemic broke out. He also makes a prediction as to what our greatest challenge will likely be coming out of the pandemic entirely and how he hopes that people will act upon the lessons that they learned about themselves and the world around them. One of the greatest challenges, after all, even for the most optimistic of us, is enduring something negative and taking something positive away from it, but all of us doing so is how we will come out of this pandemic stronger than we were before!

Andy always has a great time chatting with Brett, especially since it always seems to just so happen to take place during a profound time. If you enjoy the episode, reach out to at least three good friends who might also enjoy and benefit from it! We would also be grateful if you were to leave a good review of the podcast! (Also, be sure to check out a list of Brett’s credits over on his IMDb page!)

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Time Stamps

[0:49] – Andy reveals this episode’s guest – Brett Culp, acclaimed filmmaker and social entrepreneur.

[2:31] – Brett discusses the spiritual and physical exhaustion that many people felt following the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

[4:10] – Brett predicts that one of the biggest challenges that we will face coming out of the pandemic is getting back to the excitement of living.

[5:23] – Andy explains how his life has changed since getting vaccinated.

[8:00] – Brett discusses how people are going to have to adjust to being around a large number of people again.

[9:38] – Brett reflects on how his life has changed since the pandemic broke out and the irony of how his speeches becoming virtual has made him busier.

[11:31] – Brett shares the biggest lessons that he has learned over the last year and how those lessons have changed him.

[13:38] – Andy provides feedback on Brett’s reflections, giving his own insight on the lessons that he himself has learned.

[17:03] – Andy and Brett shift the conversation toward how personal life has changed in addition to professional life.

[20:15] – Brett believes that when the world starts to return to a state of normalcy, our thought process will be similar to that of grieving.

[22:20] – Even the most hopeful of us, Brett posits, have lost some of our hope and optimism.

[25:28] – Andy discusses how professionals are saying that we might not reach herd immunity anytime soon and further explains the fog that he feels right now.

[28:04] – Andy emphasizes how important it is for us to be present no matter what that present looks like.

[30:22] – Brett reveals that his work has served as a distraction for him from insecurities and difficulties.

[33:15] – Brett questions whether or not the end of the pandemic will cause us to regress back toward old patterns.

[34:58] – Brett reflects on how it’s difficult – even for optimistic people – to see the good in difficult situations.

[37:35] – Andy shares where we can find Brett online.

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