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Join Andy as he chats with Renee Dalo! Renee, who has been referred to as “the no-nonsense Mary Poppins of Wedding Planning,” is the founder of Moxie Bright Events, a boutique wedding planning company, and she also offers educational resources for event professionals and even hosts her own podcast, Talk with Renee Dalo! Listen in as Andy and Renee discuss all things Clubhouse and how to market your business on it.

Unlike other social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram, there doesn’t seem to be a tight restriction on how many characters or words that you can include in your bio on Clubhouse, so Renee strongly suggests taking advantage of that! She encourages listeners to include everything that they want people to know about them in their bios, and both Renee and Andy share examples of times when that paid off either for themselves or for someone whose services that they themselves purchased after coming across their profiles on Clubhouse.

At the end of the day, however, using Clubhouse directly to hard sell yourself and push your products and your services isn’t really Clubhouse’s endgame, and it isn’t the general vibe that Clubhouse gives off. That’s one of the reasons why what’s in your bio is important. It’s also why, as Renee advises, it’s important to have both a landing page that is specific to Clubhouse and an email marketing list.

Renee and Andy also share their experiences of having been a little nervous and anxious when first using Clubhouse, an odd feeling for both of them given that neither really suffered from stage fright prior to getting on Clubhouse. Renee gives advice, however, on how to combat that anxiety if you’re a new user. She, for example, reveals that you can actually create a closed room and use that closed room just to practice.

The bottom line is that if, like Andy was at first, you’re skeptical about using Clubhouse because you feel like you don’t need yet another social media app, then you really should reconsider. Although it still has a little ways to go since it’s still a relatively new app, Clubhouse is not just another social media app and has such a unique experience to offer, as both Andy and Renee enthusiastically offer examples of. Be sure to check out Renee and what she offers online, and please share this episode with friends who might be interested!

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Time Stamps

[0:52] – Andy introduces this episode’s guest, Renee Dalo, the founder of Moxie Bright Events, and provides some of her credentials.

[2:23] – Renee stresses the importance of being detailed and extensive with your bio on Clubhouse.

[4:40] – Renee encourages people to have a landing page that is specific to Clubhouse.

[6:52] – Renee argues that everyone should have an email marketing list.

[8:40] – Renee believes that some people on Clubhouse are making the mistake of providing information that is too broad and too general to attract couples.

[11:21] – Andy and Renee discuss how there tends to be a strange anxiety for new users on Clubhouse.

[14:01] – Renee reveals that you can create a closed room on Clubhouse so that you can practice and combat your nerves and anxiety.

[14:42] – Renee discusses how people can take Clubhouse topics and translate what they learn into actual revenue.

[16:10] – We are instructed that we shouldn’t try too hard to sell our services directly on Clubhouse because that doesn’t mesh with Clubhouse’s overall vibe.

[19:42] – Andy describes his activity and presence on Clubhouse.

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