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“Because the vision, ideas, and concepts that I come up with are new and leading in the industry I’m going places others haven’t yet been, and that’s been amazing.” Listen as Andy and his guest, Holly Chapple, discuss how Holly is more of a big vision person and how she implements those visions. We talk about her virtual teachings, her latest favorite design aesthetic, her process with clients, how she handles her social media, and how she balances raising a large family with being an entrepreneur, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Holly is a popular event and floral designer who is the owner and President of Holly Chapple Flowers. She not only executes beautiful weddings and events but also operates Hope Flower Farm out of Loudoun County, Virginia, a flower farm and key floral source for her design work and the base camp for in-person education. Holly also leads a collective of designers from all over the world Via Chaple Designers. Her floral work has been published in numerous publications including Martha Stewart, Southern Living, Brides, Southern Weddings, Elegant Bride, and Weddings Unveiled.

Listen as Holly shares her journey from a floral designer to teacher and speaker and why she created Hope Flower Farm. Holly discusses how she handles the business side of her company and her focus on providing an environment for her team to become leaders in their own individual departments.

Holly talks about her own patented product line of vases and armatures that help people design flowers, how she grew other aspects of her business this past year, and the community her son created on Facebook called The Greenhouse. Holly also believes that there will be complications post-Covid and she wants people in the industry to have a lot of grace with themselves.

Holly speaks about her process, her very large social media following, how often they post content, and what she believes gives them the edge and keeps them coming. She knows one thing she does right is manage the Instagram page for Holly Chapple and personally answers every DM she gets.

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Show Highlights:

[02:19] Welcome to the show, Holly!

[02:46] Holly believes she would not have been exposed to flowers if her parents hadn’t owned a garden center.

[04:07] She shares being exposed by her parents to her first floral design job at the Washington International Horse Show.

[06:44] Holly speaks about her journey from a designer to a teacher and the purchase of Hope Floral Farm.

[08:17] Holly discusses bringing in ringers and letting them stay at their bed-and-breakfast at the farm.

[10:23] How do you look at the business side of your company with all that you’ve done?

[12:51] Holly wants to provide an environment for her team to become leaders in their own individual departments.

[15:26] “I’ve always been great at knowing what is wanted, needed, and will sell.”

[16:16] Holly talks about the knowledge and information that Sean Low gave her years ago that has made her company what it is.

[18:16] Do you feel anxiety or fear with the pressure and responsibility you have with all the things you have going on?

[20:29] Holly talks about growing other aspects of her company over the last year.

[22:27] Holly speaks about the community her son Alex created called The Greenhouse.

[23:50] Holly has her own patented product line of vases and armatures that help you design flowers.

[27:19] What are some of your favorite design aesthetics, and what stands out to you?

[29:23] Holly believes there will be lots of complications post-pandemic, so have a lot of grace with yourself.

[30:57] Holly speaks about two weddings she has coming up in the next few weeks with total redesigns and venue changes.

[32:22] What is your process to determine what the client wants, and how do you mix that with your design to embody who they are?

[35:30] Holly shares she had the best clients on the books last year that rescheduled to this year.

[36:55] Holly discusses what she believes has allowed her to get to the number of followers she has on Instagram.

[38:27] Holly personally answers every DM that comes across on her Holly Chappel Design Instagram page.

[40:32] Holly talks about how she has balanced having seven children while being an entrepreneur.

[42:01] The biggest challenge Holly believes working parents have is knowing where their kids are, and since she is home-based, she is lucky to have the time with her kids.

[43:42] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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