Stop and Smell the Roses – 8: A Peek into Publicity with Publicist Tracey Jordan

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Take a peek with Preston behind the publicity curtain with publicist-to-the-stars, Tracey Jordan. Tracey has represented quite the portfolio of clients, including the late Aretha Franklin. In this conversation, Tracey explains why hiring a publicist to work with you can be such an accelerator of your brand’s growth. If you’ve ever considered hiring a publicist, Tracey and Preston will quickly uncover for you why NOW is the time to do it. Then, Tracey sheds light on her key advice for where to start your publicity process and how to get news outlets to bite. She generously shares so many tricks of the trade, such as how you can still get your work publicized–even for the most private of celebrity clients. Tracey truly knows the ins and outs of publicity and does not hold back. Listen in….

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Host: Preston Bailey

Guest: Publicist Tracey Jordan | Follow Tracey on Instagram (@TraceyJJordan)

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