The Wedding Biz – 293: SOFIA CROKOS discusses LEWIS MILLER The “Banksy of Floral Design”

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Andy’s guest co-host today is Sofia Crokos. Sofia is a planner/designer based out of New York City. She has also partnered with The Heritage Collection behind four exclusive private properties in Europe. Listen as they discuss the flower flashes Lewis he does to give back and creatively challenge himself. He also discusses his process with his clients, and much more on this episode of The Next Level.

Lewis Miller is a floral designer and founder of Lewis Miller Design out of Hamptons, New York City. His client list includes leading industry professionals in fashion, design, photography, art direction, and architecture such as Bulgari, Carolina Herrera, Mayor Blumberg, Chanel, Tiffany, Versace, Bergdorf Goodman, the Whitney Museum, and more.

Listen, as Sofia speaks about following Lewis on Instagram to see where his flower flashes pop up, how his client process is similar to hers and how important it is to talk to clients to discover how they want their wedding designed. Sofia also shares a story about purchasing one of Lewis’s flower boxes and how she paid it forward by sharing the beauty with a friend.

They discuss slowing down, getting off the hamster wheel, and reconnecting with friends, family, and nature during the pandemic. Andy and Sofia have a wonderful conversation, so tune in and enjoy!

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  • [01:00] Welcome back to the show, Sofia!
  • [02:34] Sofia shares that she has missed the flower flashes live, but she follows him on Instagram.
  • [04:37] Sofia speaks about Lewis’s process with his clients and how her process is similar.
  • [06:52] Sofia discusses how they discover the design and backdrop of a client’s wedding over many conversations.
  • [10:20] Sofia tells a story about ordering one of Lewis’s flower boxes he made during the pandemic.
  • [12:30] She shares that she wanted to spread the beauty, so she took some of the flowers and gave them to a friend.
  • [14:04] Andy speaks about some new idea he’s come up with during the pandemic because of the downtime.
  • [14:58] Sofia discusses slowing down, taking a step back, and connecting with nature to get off the hamster wheel.
  • [17:28] Thank you for listening to the show!

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Sofia Crokos, Planner/designer based out of New York City

Sofia Crokos

Sofia Crokos Episode 243 on The Wedding Biz


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