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“You build an event; you don’t decorate an event, that is diluting what it is to create an event.” Listen, as Andy Kushner and his guest Philip Carr discuss why he calls himself an event architect and stylist, the events he produced for Nelson Mandela, President Clinton, and President Bush, his process with clients, and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.   Philip is the owner of Philip Carr and Associates out of Sydney, Australia. Philip transforms ordinary spaces into multi-layer theatrical environments and turns his clients’ fantasies into breathtaking reality. Philip has a unique way that he talks about designing events that you will hear in this interview.   Listen, as Philip speaks about when he started in the event industry, he means by calling himself an event architect and stylist. Philip believes that the event experience starts when a woman gets dressed to go out and ends with a small gift in their car. He believes that the more layers of detail you can give make the event more memorable.   No detail is too small for Philip when it comes to making guests happy. Whether it’s luxurious soap in the bathroom or serving gourmet hamburgers at the end of the event, it’s all in the details. Philip gives more examples of how he keeps the guest experience at the forefront when he is going over every detail for his events.

Philip discusses how the pandemic has affected his business and personal life and how it has given him time to slow down and breathe. Philips’ attention to every detail is unparalleled, and the way he thinks about events is extraordinary. This is a conversation you can’t miss.     We are all experiencing quite a bit of stress and other issues during this pandemic. Andy has put together a list of the top ten tips for dealing with stress, which he has compiled from interviews with icons of the wedding and event industry. If you would like a copy, go to

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[03:33] Welcome to the show, Philip! [03:57] Philip shares where he was born and the jobs his parents had. [05:02] Philip speaks about when he got interested in the event industry. [06:30] Architecture is where his actual interest was. [07:39] Listen as Philip explains what he means when he calls himself an “event architect and stylist.” [08:57] Philip speaks about transforming the experience, which starts when a woman gets ready at home. [11:25] Philip believes the more layers of detail you give makes the event more memorable. [12:51] Philip shares details about an Indian wedding he planned and designed for 2500 guests over four days. [14:49] Listen as Philip speaks about an engagement party for 800 family members. [16:18] Philip discusses how he got invited to do events for Nelson Mandela. [17:47] Why did you leave South Africa and move to Australia? [20:37] Philip shares his process from the quote to the event. [24:12] Philip speaks about how he gets a feel for what his clients want. [26:32] He always tries to stay one step ahead of what his clients need. [28:16] Philip likes when guests get immersed into an event the moment they arrive. [31:14] Listen as Philip gives some examples of challenges he has faced during an event. [36:55] How do you feel about the business side? [37:38] Being super organized is one way he keeps his business on top. [38:14] Philip discusses how he got invited to organize some people’s dressing rooms. [39:58] Listen, as Philip shares how COVID-19 has affected his business and his personal life. [41:10] Philip speaks about how the pandemic has allowed him to slow down and take time to breathe. [44:07] Have you taken time to grow and change? [45:56] Philip, thank you so much for being on the show!

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