The Wedding Biz – 277: JENNIFER STEIN discusses MATT PORTEOUS/Photographer: The Way He Sees The World

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Andy welcomes Jennifer Stein back to The Next Level. Jennifer is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Destination I Do Magazine, which can be found at newsstands in all fifty states and twelve countries. She also publishes a daily blog, consults, custom publishes and has a podcast called CONFETTI.

Matt is an award-winning photographer who has gained a world-class reputation for his exquisite documentary style photography. Matt is considered the Royal photographer for his work with the Cambridges. He helps change-makers make a difference and shoots on behalf of Ocean Culture Life, a global community of storytellers, photographers, filmmakers, and environmentalists whose lives have been shaped by the sea. 

Jennifer and Andy discuss Matt’s love of travel, how he immerses himself into the culture of the people he photographs and how he connects with his clients by taking them to the places they love and getting them to relax. They also speak of Matt’s charity work and the fact that he doesn’t just take photos of beautiful things, he takes photographs that can change lives.

If you knew this pandemic had an end date, would you change how you live your life right now? Andy shares that he is using this time to take a day to himself to recharge and how it is allowing him to come up with fresh ideas. Jennifer speaks about the Black Lives Matter movement, and how it’s coming on the heels of the pandemic has allowed people to think about what it means and take the time to listen. If you haven’t listened to Matt’s interview, sit down, give yourself a moment to listen and be inspired to look for the positive things when right now it seems easier to focus on the negative.  Don’t forget to listen to Andy’s new podcast, The Music Makers. It’s a podcast about behind-the-scenes stories from some of the most influential music industry pros around including artists, recording engineers, record producers, songwriters, managers, record industry executives, and more. You can find The Music Makers podcast by searching for that term in your cell phone’s podcast app or by going to

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Show Highlights:

  • [01:09] Welcome back to the show, Jennifer!
  • [03:34] Jennifer discusses Matt’s love of travel and how he immerses himself in the people’s culture he shoots.
  • [05:02] Matt’s goal when he takes photos is to connect with them so they can relax.
  • [06:27] Andy shares that Matt gets his clients together before the wedding and asks them where they love to go on a weekend and takes them there.
  • [09:43] Jennifer speaks about how Matt does charity work and how he does so much more than just take photos of beautiful things.
  • [11:14] Still feeling joy during this pandemic is not only allowed but encouraged.
  • [12:29] Jennifer says that if we had a crystal ball that said the pandemic would be over in six months how would it change the way you are living your life today?
  • [14:04] Andy shares that he is taking Friday afternoons off, for the summer, and having some time to himself.
  • [15:03] Jennifer thinks people would relax more if they knew when this pandemic would be over.
  • [17:53] This pandemic is a change for all of us to reset, recharge, and reflect.
  • [18:23] Jennifer speaks about the Black Lives Matter movement happening now when people have more time to think about what it means.
  • [20:36] Thank you so much for being on the show again!
  • [22:40] Don’t forget to listen to Andy’s new music podcast called the Music Makers.

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