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Andy’s guests today are three people who have been involved with forming and running coalitions to advocate on behalf of networks of hundreds of small businesses and contractors in the event industry during the pandemic. The one in Chicago is spearheaded by Michelle Durpetti, Ali Phillips, and Colin Pearson, and Jeannette Tavares formed the one in Washington DC. Michelle Durpetti is a Chicago based wedding planner, venue owner, and restaurateur with Michelle Durpetti Events. Ali Phillips is also a Chicago event producer with Engaging Events by Ali. Jeannette Tavares is the owner of Evoke Design & Creative, an event planning and production company out of Washington, DC.

Listen as these amazing women discuss why they thought it was necessary to start these Coalitions to help small businesses and people in the event industry, what they see happening because of this pandemic, and the response they have received. Michelle, Ali, and Jeannette share what they want to happen and why they believe that the Coalitions will continue long after the pandemic has run its course. They saw a need and have set out to bring the plight of small business owners, and people who support the event industry, to the elected officials in their cities. Could you do something like this in your area? We all have a voice and it’s time to use it. We are all experiencing more stress and other issues during this pandemic. Andy has put together a list of the top ten tips for dealing with stress, which he has compiled from interviews with icons of the wedding and event industry. If you would like a copy, go to

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Show Highlights:

[01:34] Andy introduces each of his guests, Michelle, Ali, and Jeannette. [03:02] Andy reads the first two paragraphs of the letter that the Chicago Coalition sent to Illinois Governor Pritzker. [03:55] Michelle shares why she felt they should form the Coalition. [05:06] Ali discusses the three critical points of the letter. [07:41] Jeannette speaks about her experience with the Washington, DC Event Coalition and what they are doing for the event community. [09:34] Jeannette talks about getting information about their ecosystem together for lobbying. [11:11] Michelle and Ali share the responses they received from their letters. [13:13] Jeannette speaks about the response from the D.C. Coalition. [14:23] Listen, as Jeannette talks about what she wants to happen because of the DC Coalition. [15:54] Michelle and Ali share what their goal is with the Chicago Coalition. [17:18] What would you suggest for anyone in another city that might want to start a Coalition? [19:40] Jeannette shares some other things that she feels are important. [20:49] Ali adds that we all have a voice and how important it is to let elected officials know what we need. [21:36] Michelle shares some last words for people in the event industry. [22:49] Thank you, Michelle, Ali, and Jeannette for being on the show!

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