The Wedding Biz – 274: KUNBI ODUBOGUN – A Celebration of Life, The Perfete and Not So Perfete

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“We share the Perfete and the not so Perfete things about life.” Listen, as Andy Kushner and his guest Kunbi Odubogun discuss her backstory and this wonderful site she created. We also talked about when she appeared on an Engage panel discussing her perspective on racial injustice and so much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz. Kunbi is the founder of Perfete, a celebration centered digital publication, providing tips and tools for celebrating all of life’s joyous moments from stylish parties and weddings to decor, inspiration, and gift guides. Kunbi is also the host of the Perfete Podcast, a bi-weekly podcast featuring relatable stories from female thought leaders…Creatives and professionals who share their tangible takeaways for living one’s Perfete life.

Listen as Kunbi shares growing up in Nigeria and moving to Kansas at fifteen, why she got a business degree and then a law degree and how she got into the wedding industry by planning her two wedding celebrations. Kunbi blogged about her wedding as a way to stay in touch with her friends in Nigeria, and it turned into Perfete. “Life isn’t perfect, but we can navigate the journey together.” Kunbi discusses what Perfete is all about and why she celebrates beautiful things but also talks about the hard things in life. Kunbi also speaks about how she is handling the pandemic with both Perfete and her legal blog as well. “Do not be afraid to disrupt any place that you want to be.” Listen as Kunbi addresses racial discrimination, the inequality in the event industry, and what young people of color should do if they want to get into the industry. Kunbi says that now is the time to get your voice heard, so speak out. We are all experiencing quite a bit of stress and other issues during this pandemic. Andy has put together a list of the top ten tips for dealing with stress, which he has compiled from interviews with icons of the wedding and event industry. If you would like a copy, go to

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Show Highlights:

[02:16] Welcome to the show, Kunbi! [03:21] Kunbi shares where she was born and how she ended up in the states at 15. [04:56] Kunbi speaks about how hard it was to move so far away from home. [06:07] Listen, as Kunbi shares why she chose a business degree before going to law school. [08:28] How did you get into the wedding industry? [10:58] Kunbi discusses the two weddings she had, one for her friends in the U.S. and the destination wedding she had for her family from Nigeria. [13:51] Kunbi shares when her blog turned into her publication, Perfete. [16:31] During this last year of Perfete, Kunbi has reviewed what is working and narrowed it down to celebrations and some hard parts of life. [19:01] “Life isn’t perfect, but we can navigate the journey together.” [19:45] How are you addressing issues connected to the pandemic with Perfete? [21:36] Kunbi speaks about using her voice to highlight how people have been able to pivot their businesses during this pandemic. [23:02] What are some issues that people are facing around pivoting their businesses? [25:48] You have to test new ideas out with the public because not everyone likes what you like. [28:31] Kunbi shares her perspective on racial issues and what she believes that people not of color should listen to without judgment, and where they can speak up more. [31:52] What advice would you give young people of color wanting to get into the industry? [33:52] “Do not be afraid to disrupt any of the places you want to be.” [35:27] With the changes happening now, make sure you speak out because now is the time to have your voice heard. [36:41] Kunbi speaks about the podcast she hosts. [38:10] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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