495 ALEX LE ROUX: The Soundscapes of Luxury

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Join Andy as he welcomes Alex Le Roux, the CEO and founder of ALR Music based in London, back to the show! ALR Music specializes in providing entertainment for luxury events worldwide, boasting an impressive clientele, including Idris Elba, members of the Royal Family, the Beckham-Peltz’s and events for high-profile brands like Google, Jo Malone, and Chanel.

In this engaging conversation, Alex shares insights into the expansion of ALR Music, which has nearly doubled in size since the last interview. The company now employs 400-500 musicians monthly, orchestrating 650 events annually across the globe. Notably, they’ve also successfully ventured into the competitive American market.

The discussion covers Alex’s creative approach to designing unique and memorable performances for luxury weddings and events, and he emphasizes the importance of staying open-minded, drawing inspiration from various sources, and tailoring each experience to the client’s vision. Alex shares anecdotes about crafting personalized ceremonies, orchestrating grand entrances, and incorporating diverse musical styles to keep all generations engaged on the dancefloor.

Throughout the interview, Alex expresses passion for innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries to create new projects and bands like Havana Heat, a Latin-themed ensemble with a visually stunning stage setup. He emphasizes the importance of delivering unique experiences for high-net-worth clients who seek something extraordinary for their special events.

Andy hopes that listeners find inspiration in Alex’s dedication to reinvention, the pursuit of excellence, and the ongoing evolution of LR Music’s global presence. If so, then please share the episode with a few good friends who might also enjoy it, and be sure to also leave a top review wherever you listen to the show, as that really helps the show out! Lastly, don’t forget to follow The Wedding Biz on Instagram and subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss a new episode when it drops!


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Time Stamps

[0:53] – This episode’s guest is returning guest Alex Le Roux of ALR Music!

[3:50] – Alex is inspired by concerts like Nile Rodgers, Chic, and Bruno Mars.

[6:21] – Aspiring to emulate Bruno Mars and Chic, finding skilled musicians with energy is the challenge for Alex.

[7:43] – From where does Alex find creative inspiration?

[9:56] – Alex argues that planners vary; some control everything while others value collaboration.

[12:36] – Andy expresses appreciation for clients and planners who involve musicians.

[14:15] – Alex’s team created a unique Lake Como entrance with 62 performers for an extraordinary experience.

[17:25] – Dealing with the challenge of short-lived, non-danceable hit songs is tough, especially for events.

[18:33] – Alex adds that keeping a dance floor engaged involves blending classics with current hits that appeal to diverse generations.

[22:19] – Alex reveals that he has almost doubled his business, employing 400-500 musicians monthly, with 650 events yearly.

[25:33] – Andy marvels at how remarkable managing transatlantic success is for Alex.

[26:42] – Client decisiveness has increased; they now rely more on online content, speeding up decisions.

[28:46] – Alex is thrilled by creating diverse, unique projects like Havana Heat, pushing boundaries and innovation in entertainment.

[32:22] – Andy reveals where Alex can be found online.


Episode 273 ALEX LE ROUX – Designing Musical Entertainment In An Extraordinary Way



ALR Strings | At Last

Brooklyn Soul | Leave the Door Open

Dee Supreme – I’m Coming Out

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