494 REVISIT LEWIS MILLER: The “Banksy of Floral Design

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“Before I know what flowers I’m going to use, I need to know what backdrop I’m going to create to show off those flowers.” Listen as Andy and his guest Lewis Miller discuss how Lewis came to be in New York City, his process with clients, how he gets inspired for his designs, and so much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz!

Lewis discusses how his pop-up flower flashes started and where he did his first one. He shares why he moved from Seattle, Washington to New York City and how he opened his small flower shop without fear or hesitation because he knew that was what he was supposed to be doing.

Listen as Lewis shares his process when speaking with clients, a story about one particular wedding he did in an unappealing ballroom, and the curveball he was thrown. Lewis also shares how he merges his company’s business aspect with his creative side.

Lewis is a poster child for how to run a business that can tackle a pandemic and come back bigger and stronger. He believes that if you trim the fat every few years and watch where you spend money, you will still be around when others are not. He is an inspiring creative, and you don’t want to miss this episode.

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Time Stamps

[01:30] – This episode is a revisit of Andy’s original interview with Lewis Miller of Lewis Miller Design.

[02:51] – Lewis shares how he got the moniker, the “Banksy of Floral Design.”

[04:10] – Lewis shares how he had an idea to bring artistic flower installations to NYC.

[06:53] – Wanting to give back meaningfully, Lewis started Flower Flashes, a creative experiment outside financial expectations, in 2016.

[09:50] – Lewis shares a little bit about his background and upbringing.

[12:45] – Listen as Lewis discusses his move from Seattle, Washington to New York City.

[15:26] – Anticipating a shift to interior design, Lewis, 25 at the time, arrived in New York and had to face practical realities.

[17:50] – Lewis didn’t have fear or hesitation when he opened his business and started small.

[19:50] – What percentage of Lewis’ business is weddings?

[21:22] – Passionate about design, Lewis views weddings as a canvas for unique and personal expressions.

[24:27] – Hear a story involving Lewis facing a challenging wedding planning scenario, navigating conflicts between a bride and her parents’ wishes.

[27:44] – Lewis proposed a bold solution for the challenging wedding venue.

[29:43] – Addressing diverse tastes and personalities, Lewis successfully transformed Trump’s ballroom with a unique, satisfying design.

[31:58] – How does Lewis balance the business aspect with the creative side?

[33:36] – Lewis discusses what he believes has kept his business alive.

[34:54] – Lewis discusses how he focuses on efficiency, ensuring financial sustainability and allowing creative indulgences like flower flashes.

[36:38] – Navigating the unpredictable world of social media, Lewis and his team experiment with authenticity and creativity for engagement.

[39:36] – Andy reveals where Lewis can be found online.


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