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Thanks for finding The Business of Being Creative! I’m Sean Low, and I’ve been lending practical business advice to those in the business of being creative since the early 2000s, including accomplished notables such as Preston Bailey, Vicente Wolf, Nate Berkus, Sawyer Berson, Style Me Pretty, Marcy Blum, Michelle Rago, and Sylvia Weinstock–to name a few.

The key to my own success has been my ability to help artists build their businesses in a way that most honors the art that is behind them. I’ll give you straight up, no holds barred advice on handling what happens from deal to done. The journey with your client begins when they first connect with you, whether digitally or in real life. And from that moment until the project is finished, you have the power to manifest an experience and journey with them that’s transformative for all.

Everyone should be creative. Whatever your art is, it should invigorate you and bring you joy. And if it happens to be your business, it should bring you the money you need to KEEP being creative. Hopefully, I will challenge you each week to do just that.

So, let’s not just think outside the box… Let’s erase it!

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