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Rachel Birthistle has worked to dominate the destination wedding industry in Lake Como, Italy, by translating her experience stitching together beautiful fashion designs into producing seamless events. Rachel and her team will take you on an educational journey through their first-hand experiences in a place that provides the most stunning backdrop imaginable for stylish event production.

What philosophies have they used to find reliable, trusted, and equally passionate creative partners?

How do they repeatedly use the same vendors to create unique and stress-free experiences for their couples?

Rachel, her team, and guests will give YOU the advice that you need for building an ecosystem of success. Listen in to stay up-to-date on the wedding industry and find a source of support, no matter where you are in building your destination-friendly business and career. Listen in…

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Host: Rachel Birthistle of The Lake Como Wedding Planner

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Show Highlights:

[03:06] Robert, thank you for being on the show! [03:55] He tells us when he decided music was for him. [06:04] He went to college and majored in accounting, which he says was the best education he could have gotten. [07:37] While playing in his band Onyx, he went to law school, started to practice law, and began forming and managing bands. [08:53] Robert hired Washington Talent Agency to get jobs for them. [10:17] What made Onyx so successful particularly in the ’80s? [11:06] Robert talks about creating moments at events. [12:34] Washington Talent hired him as their in-house counsel, but he was also building new bands. [13:34] In the DC area at that time, all bands were partnerships, but that template didn’t work. Robert’s was different. [15:06] In 1996, Robert managed six bands with the help of one assistant. [15:30] Washington Talent’s owner was a good friend of his, so when a partner retired, they asked Robert if he wanted to buy it. [16:32] When he took over, he had no experience with running a business, and was very nervous. [16:59] What did you bring to the company that took it to a whole new level? [18:16] They have made it a one-stop, get it all done business for events. [18:35] Their motto is “creating happiness one event at a time.” [20:58] How do you get planners in your corner? You have a reputation as a person that is easy to get along with, how did you inspire that? [23:14] Robert says that everything we do is about the why. [25:49] He chats about what he learned from a company in Las Vegas. [27:19] What is your process like, as a company owner, with your clients? [30:43] How do you feel about DJ’s vs. Bands? Is the responsibility different? [34:57] Andy and Robert discuss their new partnership and how it came to be. [40:04] Robert speaks about the collaboration and how it took over a year for them to commit. They took each other out of their comfort zones and re-energized themselves. [42:54] He talks about getting tired of what he was doing and looking for the next thing. [45:06] Robert’s company is bringing a powerful infrastructure to Andy’s business that he didn’t quite have before. [46:01] He wants to expand his company now into other areas, and bring happiness to more people; he also wants to improve what he already has. [47:31] Robert defines business success as fully understanding his client’s needs and making everyone happy. [48:19] Personally, Robert wants to feel good about what he does, and to him, that’s a personal success.

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