The Wedding Biz: 477 REVISIT GREG FINCK/Photographer: The Leap to Professional Fulfillment

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Andy is excited to be speaking with Greg Finck on this episode of The Wedding Biz. Greg is a brilliant photographer based in Paris. He studied business in France then came to the U.S to get his MBA. Greg was a marketing executive for ten years with Proctor and Gamble and at first, was doing wedding photography on the side as a hobby. 

Greg is now a major photographer even though he’s technically only been doing it full-time for five years. Besides shooting significant weddings, he is doing fantastic work in the fashion world and has mastered marketing digitally in social media. He also gives master classes on photography and speaks at Engage.

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades,” a quote on his website from Audrey Hepburn summarizes the approach that Greg has to photography. Black and white photos are what he started out doing, giving him the ability to really focus on what he wanted to shoot in order to hone his eye.

Greg talks to us about many things; his life in marketing, the catalyst for moving into photography professionally, and how glad he was that he took that leap of faith. He speaks about the niche he found with destination wedding photography, mostly taking place in Paris and other parts of Europe, doing fashion photography during the slow wedding season, and why he uses medium format film.

Listen in as Greg shares with us his secrets to rapid success, how to manage your client’s expectations and the tools to choose the right photographer. He discusses his tricks for calming the nerves of a bride and tells us what equipment he uses to get such fantastic shots.

The knowledge Greg has acquired in his relatively short time as a full-time professional photographer is immense. His business acumen is on point, and his humility is second to none. If you want to learn how to build your business in any industry, this is a conversation you shouldn’t miss. 


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Time Stamps

[02:02] – Andy welcomes Greg Finck to the show!

[02:34] – Greg says that timeless elegance is what he wants to bring to his photography.

[03:49] – Greg’s childhood was spent in darkrooms developing film with his dad.

[04:28] – Greg shot mostly black and white at first.

[05:08] – Greg feels like he has always been a portrait photographer.

[06:24] – When he was in college getting his MBA, photography was just a hobby for Greg.

[06:56] – Greg went to work with Proctor and Gamble and is very grateful for what he learned.

[07:58] – The most significant thing Greg learned from working for such a large company is how to be humble.

[08:43] – Humility and hard work are fundamental values in this saturated market.

[10:50] – Greg went to a workshop held by Feather and Stone out of California which changed his perspective on being a professional photographer.

[15:26] – Was Greg financially prepared when he quit his job or did he take a leap of faith?

[17:35] – Greg explains his initial marketing approach.

[19:31] – Greg speaks about branding and shooting with film.

[22:18] – Listen as Greg tells us what it means to have a European touch.

[23:58] – Hear Greg define medium format.

[26:32] – What percentage of Greg’s business is related to fashion and editorials?

[27:44] – The total expectations from clients are much higher today than in times past.

[29:19] – Greg gives us his process when working with a client.

[30:37] – Being direct with your clients is the key to managing expectations.

[31:42] – Exuding confidence is how Greg helps dissipate a bride’s nerves and anxiety.

[33:45] – Greg chats about giving a master class.

[35:58] – What are the qualities of a great photographer?

[37:05] – Greg talks about his presentation topic at the next Engage Luxury Wedding Summit.

[39:07] – If you want to learn directly from Greg, he gives workshops once a year in the spring.

[39:51] – You can buy prints or gift cards on Greg’s website.

[40:21] – Greg’s favorite equipment right now is a Contax 645 with an 80 mil lens.

[41:35] – Andy gives us Greg’s contact information.

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