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The Wedding Biz is excited to have Vanessa Kreckel on the show. Vanessa is the Owner and Creative Director of Two Paper Dolls, a pioneering custom design house that foreshadowed the desire for customization across all aspects of the wedding industry. She has been named in design publications including PRINT, and Communications Arts as well as BRIDES Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings. TPD Design House services clients in the art of branding, website design and development, and invitation design around the world.

Vanessa has always loved being creative, which is why she studied art at Moore College of Art and Design and learned how to be a graphic artist. She started her company with one employee and used printing presses, and somehow found a niche with her customized stationery and invitations.

Who are your ideal clients? What is the voice of your company? These are some of the questions Vanessa asks when helping someone develop their brand. Branding is an essential ingredient in making your business successful, and she has been assisting people in figuring it out for almost 20 years. Listen to her tips and tricks as you follow along on the podcast.

Vanessa talks about knowing and branding the look and feel of your event when thinking about invitations. She reminds us that it’s not just invitations, there are save the dates, invitation design, and day of cards. You need to consider the overall experience and how the design thread pulls it all together when deciding this critical part of your event.

This is one of those conversations that will change the way you choose invitations, your brand, and what you put on social media. Vanessa is a first-rate businesswoman with insight into a different side of the event industry. One that you might not realize has such a significant impact on the event experience. You won’t want to miss what she has to say, so sit back, plugin and enjoy.

Show Highlights:

[02:43] Welcome to the show, Vanessa!

[03:03] They chat about the work Vanessa has done with Engage.

[03:43] Vanessa explains how Two Paper Dolls got started.

[05:09] She studied art at Moore College of Art and Design, which is where she began in graphic design.

[06:29] She took a risk when she transitioned from full-time to starting her own company.

[07:48] She speaks about getting started with one employee and used printing presses that she had no idea how to use.

[10:50] branding is one of the most essential parts of any business, it’s how you set yourself apart from the competition.

[13:56] Vanessa tells us the first steps to take when developing your brand and what questions to ask.

[16:23] They have a tool kit for clients to use as they are developing a standard consistent message for their company.

[18:34] How do you create the story aspect of what you do?

[20:01] Vanessa describes the brand they created for the entire Engage London event.

[22:50] Website design changes rapidly. Make sure it is user-friendly and can be viewed well on mobile devices and make sure they are ADA Compliant.

[26:28] Social media is more important than ever. Does your social media reflect what you are doing with your website?

[28:11] Vanessa discusses the strategies for posting on social media.

[29:56] People should consider the overall look and feel of an event when thinking about invitations.

[32:13] Invitations can be traditional, or it can tell the story of the couple or company.

[33:58] How are you managing the business aspect of your company? What have you learned?

[36:21] She chats about brainstorming and discussing ideas in small groups, it is all collaborative.

[39:26] Vanessa, what does success mean to you?

[40:57] Andy talks about a branding video that Vanessa produced for Kushner Entertainment.

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Branding video produced by Vanessa found at Filmed and directed by Matt Buckman, I Do Films.

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