The Wedding Biz: THE NEXT LEVEL with VALERIE GERNHAUSER Discussing BILL BOWEN and Videography with Heart

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Weddings are compiled of moments, planning, and people who have invested their all into ensuring that the result is magical. Having someone along the way to capture those details is an investment you won’t regret. In today’s episode of The Next Level, Andy Kushner and Valerie Gernhauser, founder of Sapphire Events, discuss the valuable tips given by Bill Bowen in last Monday’s interview. Bill Bowen, founder of Suburban Video, is a videographer who has skillfully perfected the art of shooting weddings and events in a timeless manner. To hear more about Bill’s techniques and how you can apply tactical strategies to your business, regardless of whether or not you are a videographer, tune into this episode of The Next Level.
  • Show Highlights:
    • Emotionally connecting with your surroundings
    • The living legacy videography carries on
    • Holding the attention of the audience by creating authentic art
    • Capturing the intimate moments
    • Creating a personal connection with the client and building trust
    • The responsibility of effectively translating the client(s) vision, dreams and desires
    • Facilitating communication as a planner for your vendor partners

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