The Wedding Biz: THE NEXT LEVEL: AUGUSTA COLE Discusses CHRISTINA MATTEUCCI – The Executive Director at David Beahm Experiences

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Today on The Next Level, Andy Kushner is speaking with Augusta Cole, Executive Director to Lynn Easton, of Easton Events, a world-renowned planner and designer.

Augusta and Christina are lucky enough to work for individuals who allow them to truly have a voice and to feel a sense of ownership in their companies. Christina has worked with David Beahm Experiences for many years and they maintain their relationship by having respect and trust. David shows confidence in her abilities and Christina knows that he appreciates what she is doing and trusts that she will always do what is best for the company.

They speak about the similarities between the way David Beahm and Lynn Easton lead their teams, the ritual of debriefing after events and how they allow everyone to give ideas on how to make the next one better.

Augusta is in agreement with Christina on many things and needing a forward thinker leading the company is one of them. They feel that if you have someone who cares about what you think, where you want to be, and will help you get there, then you are in the best place you can be.

This is a great and elucidating conversation so listen in and see if you can see yourself in this discussion.

Show Highlights:

  • [01:08] Welcome to the show Augusta, it’s great to have you on the show.
  • [01:38] Andy and Augusta talk about Christina’s nickname “Teuccimama.”
  • [02:37] Augusta speaks about working with Lynn Easton and the similarities in Lynn and David’s leadership styles.
  • [03:54] She chats about the trust David Beahm puts in Christina that allows her to make decisions in his name.
  • [06:38] They discuss debriefing, opportunities for greatness, and being solutions-driven.
  • [07:35] What needs to be done to sustain your business? Do you have a forward thinker in your company?
  • [08:49] The ability to talk about what comes next, what will happen next is what makes a beautiful relationship.
  • [09:20] Allowing number 2’s to grow will always foster a better relationship.
  • [11:03] By supporting and encouraging side projects, you are allowing for your team to be much happier and more successful.
  • [11:53] They talk about Christina being a “king-maker.”
  • [12:58] Christina always refers to David Beahm Experiences as her company. She has a sense of ownership that allows her to always strive for the best.
  • [14:10] Christina allows every single person on her team to be their best.
  • [16:08] Number 1’s should still support what their number 2’s are doing as everyone needs to feel appreciated and to have a voice.
  • [16:43] Having a name on the door doesn’t have to be the glass ceiling, there are always ways to keep progressing forward.

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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Augusta Cole, Executive Director to Lynn Easton of Easton Events.

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