The Wedding Biz: REVISIT: Lynn Easton – Destination Weddings with a Classic Touch, Part 1

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REVISIT: Lynn Easton is a busy woman. Between managing her destination wedding design business Easton Events and growing her Easton Porter Group luxury properties, she’s got a lot of balls in the air. But for her, that’s all just part of the fun. Lynn started her wedding planning career over twenty years ago almost by accident. She offered to help a friend plan and design her wedding, back before planners were really around. One wedding turned into another and another, and soon Lynn realized she had a true thriving business. But she wanted more; her beautiful designs were only being noticed regionally, and she was ready to go national, and even international. Lynn’s story is one of how to make it on the big stage, and her sage advice goes a long way in inspiring and educating others in the industry. In this week’s episode, Andy and Lynn talk all things business, family, and pleasure, and how she truly does it all. She shares her take on what an Easton event really is, what she attributes most to her success, and how she and her husband are taking on now more than ever in the business- and still loving it. Lynn also gives pointers to other up and coming event planners on where to focus efforts most to get the more clientele. This perceptive interview is a perfect reminder of how someone with a strong vision and a great business plan can create one of the world’s most sought-after companies. The full interview is available now.

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