The Wedding Biz – Episode 452 MAURICIO KIRSCHNER: Architect of Dreams and Deep in the Heart of Event Design

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We are excited to announce that today’s guest is Mauricio Kirschner, the founder and chief designer of House of Kirschner. They create out-of-this world interior and event design, and are also professional architects which enables them to design and produce unique constructions and designware beyond the usual.

In this insightful conversation with Andy, Mauricio discusses his childhood passion for construction, structure, and architecture. He talks about how he started his career as an architect and then got pulled into the event industry and he then dives deep into the heart of what event design means to him, describing it in a unique way. Mauricio also explains the unexpected way in which he begins his creative meetings, reveals what inspires him, and so much more!

Andy found this interview to be absolutely fascinating and knows that listeners will also get a lot out of it and find themselves inspired. Please share this episode with at least three people you feel will also enjoy it and subscribe to the podcast, if you aren’t already, so that you never miss a new episode! And be sure to leave a top review, wherever you listen to podcasts, because that really helps new listeners find it.

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Time Stamps

[0:25] – Andy reveals today’s guest to be Mauricio Kirschner of House of Kirschner.

[1:50] – Mauricio describes what he does.

[3:39] – Learn about Mauricio’s passions as a child.

[5:36] – Mauricio discusses his education and his beginnings.

[8:16] – Mauricio compares what he does to alchemy.

[10:46] – How does Mauricio come up with ideas?

[13:53] – When does Mauricio share his ideas with clients?

[16:46] – Mauricio begins with a meditation with his team.

[20:03] – How does Mauricio inspire himself?

[23:42] – Mauricio argues that fashion helps promote inclusiveness.

[28:01] – Andy offers insight into perspective.

[29:15] – Learn what House of Kirschner’s philosophy and purpose are.

[31:37] – Mauricio expands upon why he shares his beliefs with his team.

[35:42] – Does Mauricio have any unrealized dreams?

[39:46] – Andy shares where to find Mauricio.


Find Mauricio:

House of Kischner – Website
House of Kischner – Instagram Page
Mauricio’s Instagram Page


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