The Wedding Biz – Episode 445 ROBERT SHERMAN: Dynamics of a Successful Partnership

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Andy decided that he wanted to do a little something different this week on The Wedding Biz and is having a conversation with his own business partner of Kushner Entertainment, Robert Sherman! Robert is also the owner of Washington Talent, the iconic entertainment company located out of the Washington D.C. area which was established fifty-five years ago before Robert eventually took the reins, transforming it to a whole new level. 

Andy and Robert talk primarily about the various aspects of taking on a business partner but also discuss how and why they formed their partnership, their views on being friends in a business partnership and whether or not that is usually a good practice, the benefits that Andy has personally seen from having taken on a business partner, and so much more!

Robert is very passionate and fully committed to everything that he does, and he plans to have him back on the show again sometime in the future. If you enjoy this episode, please, if you haven’t already, give the podcast a top review wherever you listen, and be sure to reach out to a few people who might enjoy The Wedding Biz and tell them about it!


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Show Highlights:

[0:00] – Today’s sponsor is Zola.

[0:39] – Andy reveals today’s guest and topic.

[1:56] – Andy and Robert were hanging out regularly for a year before forming this partnership.

[3:37] – Robert says that working with Andy gave him the chance to grow.

[5:48] – Learn why Robert concentrated more on their local market.

[8:00] – Robert talks about his philosophy on mixing friendship with business.

[10:57] – Robert makes a case for why friendship can improve a professional partnership.

[13:28] – Andy points out that he and Robert communicate regularly.

[15:32] – Robert reiterates how important trust is.

[16:45] – How do Robert and Andy handle when there is conflict between them?

[18:33] – Robert addresses a minor disagreement that he and Andy had at first.

[20:59] – Andy loves that much of the stress has been relieved from taking on a business partner.

[22:15] – Robert argues that a partnership is not the best solution for everyone.

[24:40] – Learn where to find Robert online.



The Wedding Biz – Episode 206 ROBERT SHERMAN/Washington Talent: Delivering Happiness
One Event at a Time and Forming A Partnership

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Washington Talent – Website


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Title Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Kushner Entertainment & Zola.

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