The Wedding Biz – Episode 439: Creating Beautiful Photos for Your Clients and Your Marketing with Jose Villa, Laurie Arons, and Carrie Goldberg

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This episode of The Wedding Biz is a special one because Andy is recording live during Laurie Arons’ masterclass and has three special guests today – Laurie herself, Jose Villa, and Carrie Goldberg, all three of whom have been on the podcast before.

Laurie runs Laurie Arons Special Events, and she talks about what the most important characteristics are in a prospective photographer, what some of the inherent pitfalls tend to be, how she feels about the relationship between photography and marketing, her preference of film over digital, what she does if she is ever underwhelmed by a photographer’s gallery, etc.

Wedding photographer Jose Villa discusses what he ideally needs from a planner to do what he does best, what he is most attracted to when it comes to the features of a setting, why he sometimes needs to remind himself that a wedding is not a photoshoot and that the emphasis is not on him as the photographer, how he goes about capturing unexpected moments, what he needs in terms of lighting when shooting inside, how he markets himself, and more!

Founder and creative director of CLG Creative Carrie Goldberg touches upon her process of collaborating with a photographer, how improvisation sometimes plays a role, how she approaches capturing photographable moments, methods that she uses to stay calm in stressful situations, and so on!

This panel was so informative, and Andy appreciates Laurie’s, Jose’s, and Carrie’s time and thanks you for listening! He would appreciate it if you were to subscribe to the podcast if you aren’t already so that you never miss a new episode, and be sure also to leave a top review wherever you listen because that really helps out the show and helps people find it!


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Time Stamps

[0:00] – Today’s sponsor is Zola.

[0:22] – Andy introduces today’s three special guests.

[2:16] – What does Laurie look for in a photographer?

[3:38] – Laurie agrees that you have to have the right vibe with the photographer.

[4:20] – Jose makes a case for what he needs from a planner like Laurie.

[6:16] – What makes for a great venue setting for Jose?

[8:07] – Carrie offers insight into collaborating with a photographer.

[10:02] – Does Carrie work through the planner in advance?

[10:50] – Laurie provides examples of some of the pitfalls.

[12:00] – Jose points out that he has to remind himself that a wedding is not a photoshoot.

[13:27] – Carrie gives an example of improvisation in the moment playing a role.

[15:00] – Jose touches upon capturing unexpected moments.

[15:44] – Jose argues that a good wedding photographer needs to be patient.

[17:10] – Laurie praises Jose for always being physically present.

[20:49] – Carrie shares her stance on capturing moments.

[23:08] – Laurie argues that all wedding planners have mistakenly expressed stress.

[25:23] – Carrie discusses how to stay calm in stressful situations.

[26:55] – What does Jose need when shooting inside?

[28:50] – Laurie talks about the relationship between photography and marketing.

[30:35] – What is Carrie’s ethos on using photography for marketing.

[32:57] – How does Jose feel about marketing his career?

[34:40] – What does Laurie do if she is underwhelmed by a gallery?

[37:17] – Laurie cares a lot about the ceremony setup and explains why.

[40:04] – What are some elevator pitches for hiring stylists?

[41:47] – Where can we find Laurie, Jose, and Carrie online?



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