The Wedding Biz – Episode 429 ZAINAB ALSALIH: How COVID Has Changed Priorities and More

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Andy is so excited to present this interview to you with Zainab Alsalih who has been on the show once before when we were still in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. Zainab is the founder and creative director of Carousel, one of the most prominent companies in the region for event design. She is considered one of the most respected authorities on weddings in the Middle East, and she has been covered and quoted in countless regional and international programs and publications in many languages, including Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart, and Vogue. She has also been recognized on many occasions as one of Dubai’s leading female entrepreneurs.

Listen in as Zainab touches upon various topics such as how the pandemic has impacted her over the last two years. She also reflects on one of her favorite weddings from the last two years, how she felt having to have virtual meetings when the pandemic was at its height, how rearranging her environment rather than letting it get stagnant inspires her, how the pandemic has caused some people to become more demanding, and so much more!

Andy had such a good time catching up with Zainab, and he really hopes that you enjoy listening to the conversation as much as he did! If you do enjoy it, then Andy would be very appreciative if you would share this episode with a few people you know who might also enjoy it and would also be grateful if you were to subscribe to the podcast if you aren’t already so that you never miss a new episode! Be sure also to leave a top review wherever you listen because that really helps out the show and helps people find it!

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Time Stamps

[00:00] – This episode’s sponsor is KT Merry Education.

[0:57] – Zainab Alsalih of Carousel returns to the show.

[2:25] – Zainab discusses how she got through the COVID-19 pandemic.

[4:35] – Zainab touches upon balancing her professional life with her family life.

[5:38] – Has business bounced back for Zainab?

[6:53] – Zainab observes that weddings are relatively smaller nowadays.

[8:00] – Zainab reflects on a wedding from December 2020.

[11:53] – Learn how Zainab felt about having to have virtual meetings.

[14:46] – How does Zaibab inspire herself?

[16:25] – Andy and Zainab agree that rearranging your environment is helpful.

[18:07] – Zainab shares an update on her newest book.

[19:18] – What is Zaibab’s biggest challenge right now?

[21:30] – Zainab reveals how she feels people’s priorities have changed.

[24:30] – Andy provides Zaibab’s website and social media information.

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