The Wedding Biz – Episode 425 JACK EZON: Navigating Today’s Travel Market

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Jack Ezon, C.E.O. and managing partner of EMBARK Beyond, returns to the podcast to talk with Andy about where he is today in the travel industry. Embark Beyond is a luxury lifestyle partnership that specializes in bespoke travel experiences. They have the ability to access royal palaces, private homes, luxury yachts, global landmarks, and more, and they negotiate hotel, air, and other components related to travel. EMBARK Beyond ultimately acts as a full concierge service to develop the perfect itinerary in the world’s most sought-after destinations.

Jack reflects on the travel industry and its current status right now with COVID-19 still being a problem. He gives some helpful tips and advice such as to be sure to buy travel insurance and to ship luggage rather than travel with it in anticipation of something possibly going wrong. He also talks about the importance of emotional impact when it comes to clients’ trips and how loyal customers are drawn toward heart, not money, gives an example of a recent wedding that involved emotional impact, and so much more!

This conversation is chock full of great advice in such a brief period of time, and Andy, as always, had a great time chatting with Jack! He would really appreciate it if you would share this episode of the podcast with a few people you know who might also enjoy it! Andy would also be grateful if you were to subscribe to the podcast if you aren’t already and to leave a top review wherever you listen! That really helps out the show and helps people find it!

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Time Stamps

[0:28] – Andy just got back from a trip to Park City, Utah and then Colorado.

[1:07] – We learn that today’s guest is Jack Ezon of EMBARK Beyond.

[2:22] – Jack offers his opinion on the overall status of travel right now.

[3:26] – We are advised to buy flight insurance.

[5:13] – Jack encourages travelers to go to unexpected places.

[6:46] – Jack discusses the importance of emotional impact.

[8:08] – Learn about current trends in the travel industry.

[11:02] – Jack argues that there has never been a better time to be in this industry.

[12:36] – Jack reflects on failures and risks over the last year.

[14:31] – Hear a story about a recent wedding that involved emotional impact.

[15:51] – Jack touches upon how planners can best use Embark Beyond’s resources.

[17:29] – Andy shares where we can find EMBARK Beyond online.

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