The Wedding Biz – Episode 423 JEANNIE YOUNG SAVAGE: From Hotel Management to Details Details

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Andy’s guest today is Jeannie Young Savage, president of Details Details Weddings and Events. Details Details is a premier full-service event planning and design company which specializes in distinctive weddings, lavish events, and corporate functions. Prior to launching the company, nearly twenty years ago, Jeannie was the general manager of several full-service hotels including managing 200 employees and dealing with over forty vendors! Details Details has also been featured in numerous publications such as People Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Inside Weddings, the Say Yes to the Dress television show, and more!

Jeannie reflects on her younger years and when she developed a passion for crafting and designing. She also talks about her time as a general manager for hotels and what she learned from that experience especially as an Asian woman, how she became a mother right around the same time that she started her company, what her typical process is with clients, how she develops her creativity, what her pricing philosophy is like, how she approaches social media, what she hopes for in the future, and so much more!

Andy really appreciates Jeannie for her time and really enjoyed talking with her! He hopes that you enjoy listening as much as he enjoyed conducting the interview and would appreciate it if you would share this interview with a few people you know who might also enjoy it! Andy would also really appreciate it if you were to subscribe to the podcast if you aren’t already so that you immediately find out when new episodes drop and if you were to leave a top review wherever you listen! That really helps out the show and helps people find it!


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Time Stamps

[0:29] – Today’s episode is sponsored by Book More Weddings Summit!

[1:18] – Andy reveals today’s guest to be Jeannie Young Savage of Details Details.

[2:17] – Jeannie reflects on when she developed a passion for this field.

[3:53] – Jeannie talks about her time as general manager of hotels.

[4:51] – Learn about Jeannie’s experience as an Asian woman managing hotels.

[7:37] – Jeannie discusses having become a mother when she started her company.

[9:52] – Jeannie talks about why she lost the work/life balance at one point.

[12:49] – Andy brings in his own experience with his music business.

[14:06] – Jeannie walks us through her process with her clients.

[16:22] – Discover how Jeannie gets the information that she needs from her clients.

[17:04] – Jeannie touches upon how her creative process unfolds.

[20:09] – Hear about some of the celebrity weddings that Jeannie has done.

[22:59] – Jeannie reveals if she feels more pressure when she handles celebrity weddings.

[24:37] – Jeannie explains how she handles the business side of things.

[27:03] – Jeannie guesses that most people in her field are solo planners.

[28:28] – What is Jeannie’s pricing philosophy?

[29:42] – Jeannie elaborates upon her social media strategy.

[32:50] – Jeannie enthuses over how far she has come.

[35:17] – How does Jeannie define success?

[37:00] – Hear where to find Jeannie online.




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