The Wedding Biz – Episode 419 Augusta Cole: Planning, Designing, and Staying One Step Ahead

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Augusta Cole joins Andy in this episode of The Wedding Biz to talk about her career and how she always manages to stay one step ahead, discussing how she took the leap to start her own business, how she built her team, and more. Andy first met Augusta when she was working for Lynn Easton as Executive Director where she garnered a stellar reputation for her wide-ranging abilities. She has since started her own business – Augusta Cole Events based out of New York City and Charleston, South Carolina!

Augusta has always, as she shares, had a love for this business. As a child, for example, she loved having birthday parties and always wanted to hand-deliver invitations on silver trays. She touches upon her education and what it was like for her to make the transition into entrepreneurship. Also discussed is her usual process with her clientele and how she does scheduled check-ins with them and goes about assuring them that she is one step ahead.

Augusta also shares what her experience has been like doing virtual meetings as opposed to in-person meetings, what her first event (a very small wedding of only nine people) was like, how she handles challenges, how she goes about finding talent, why time management is her biggest struggle, how she balances her personal life with her business life, what would be most important for her to teach in a master class, and so much more!

Andy had such a great time reconnecting with Augusta like this and appreciates her coming onto the show to chat! Be sure to check out Augusta’s website as well as her Instagram page, and as always, if you can think of at least three good friends who might really benefit from and enjoy this interview with Augusta Cole, be sure to share it with them! Andy would also really appreciate it if you were to subscribe to the podcast if you aren’t already and to leave a top review wherever you listen! That really helps out the show and helps people find it!

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Time Stamps

[0:29] – Andy just got back from Tampa, Florida!

[1:18] – Andy reveals today’s guest to be Augusta Cole of Augusta Cole Events.

[2:38] – Augusta reflects on her childhood and what led her to this.

[3:31] – Augusta reveals what she majored in at school.

[5:57] – Hear about what Augusta’s transition to entrepreneurship was like.

[7:30] – Augusta explains why she moved to New York City.

[9:23] – Augusta walks us through her usual process with her clients.

[12:40] – Augusta discusses meeting in person vs. meeting virtually.

[14:04] – Hear more details about August’s first event, a small 9-person wedding.

[16:33] – How does Augusta figure out what to plan for an event?

[18:38] – Learn about how Augusta faces challenges.

[19:29] – Augusta argues that planners need to be flexible and adaptable.

[20:40] – Andy reflects on his struggle with staying calm.

[22:11] – Augusta expresses gratitude for her team.

[24:39] – Discover how Augusta goes about finding talent.

[25:32] – Time management is what is most difficult for Augusta.

[28:10] – How does Augusta balance her personal life with her business life?

[30:15] – Augusta touches upon what she would primarily teach in a master class.

[31:07] – We are encouraged to take advantage of what makes us unique.

[32:42] – Learn where to find Augusta online.




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