The Wedding Biz – Episode 418 Jean-Pierre Uys: Photography, Storytelling, and Working Within the Chaos

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Joining Andy on today’s episode of The Wedding Biz is Jean-Pierre Uys of Jean-Pierre Uys Photography! Based out of New York City, Jean-Pierre is an acclaimed wedding photographer, artist, and creative explorer. Having shot over 700 weddings, his images have been published in over seventy local and international magazines, and he even helped publish two hardcover wedding books. Jean-Pierre is also the recipient of numerous awards and accolades including but not limited to a Framed Awards nomination as one of the ten best wedding photographers in the world and Junebug Weddings’ Best of the Best Wedding Images Around the World.

Jean-Pierre talks about his childhood and education, revealing that he always had a love for visuals but originally more so videos as opposed to stills. He and Andy agree that creative entrepreneurship isn’t something that they originally saw for their futures, especially not long-term, and Jean-Pierre reflects that he didn’t originally think that he would be involved in photography for as long as he has been but that once you find something you’re successful in, it tends to become your passion.

We also learn about how Jean-Pierre tends to work with his clients and how he captures their essence and tells their stories. He walks us through his usual process with his clients and how they build that professional relationship. He also looks back at his time working in South Africa and how it was a bit different than how he works now out of New York City. Jean-Pierre also touches upon balancing the creative side of what he does with the business side of it, disclosing that he does not find running the business side of it challenging at all.

Jean-Pierre, in addition, gives a couple of examples of his artistic and creative work outside of wedding photography, and he gives a couple of pieces of advice for anyone who wants to walk a similar path, emphasizing, for example, that photography should tell a linear story with a beginning, middle, and end. Andy has been wanting to interview Jean-Pierre ever since Colin Cowie mentioned working with him, so he is really appreciative of Jean-Pierre’s time, especially since Jean-Pierre offers new ways to look at things, ways that Andy never had before.

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Time Stamps

[0:34] – Today’s guest is revealed to be Jean-Pierre Uys of Jean-Pierre Uys Photography.

[1:46] – Jean-Pierre reflects on his childhood and where his love for photography comes from.

[4:31] – Jean-Pierre reveals that he didn’t realize that he would do this as long as he has.

[7:01] – Jean-Pierre discusses wedding expos inspiring him when he was in college.

[8:42] – Jean-Pierre talks about telling a story via photography.

[11:55] – Jean-Pierre walks us through his usual process with clients.

[13:36] – Jean-Pierre looks back at his time working in South Africa and how it differed there.

[15:38] – Jean-Pierre points out why lighting is different between men and women.

[17:40] – Discover what Jean-Pierre means when he says that he sculpts with the light.

[19:48] – Jean-Pierre offers insight into veils being used to the photographer’s advantage.

[22:00] – Hear about a shot that won Jean-Pierre an award.

[24:12] – Timing is what Jean-Pierre struggles with the most.

[26:47] – Jean-Pierre touches upon energy shifting between creativity and business.

[28:50] – Learn about Jean-Pierre’s work other than weddings.

[30:41] – We receive a couple of tips and advice from Jean-Pierre.

[33:30] – Learn about the importance of sequencing in portfolios.

[36:05] – Jean-Pierre offers encouragement to photographers dealing with comparisonitis.

[37:33] – Andy provides Jean-Pierre’s online information.


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