The Wedding Biz – Episode 417 MICHELLE DEMAREE: “Miss Diamond Ring”

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Andy’s guest today is the founder and C.E.O. of Miss Diamond Ring, Michelle Demaree! Miss Diamond Ring is a Los Angeles-based diamond concierge service that offers its clientele a personalized boutique service as special as their love story. After honing her craft for more than ten years in the diamond industry and representing state-of-the-art brands such as Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., and Van Cleef, Michelle has created her own signature process offering the highest level of bespoke ring-making for global clients seeking the best that is out there! Michelle herself is also known as “Miss Diamond Ring” and has been featured in many publications such as Forbes, People Magazine, The New York Times, Today, and Modern Luxury Weddings.

Andy and Michelle discuss Michelle’s tagline on her website and how Michelle believes that what she does should be making sparkly works of art that tell her clients’ love stories. Michelle also reflects on her history and how she got into the diamond industry. She makes the point that sales are about connecting, not closing, likely a big part of the reason why, as she emphasizes, her job doesn’t feel like work to her but rather like a passion project. There have, of course, been a few bumps in the road, however, and Michelle, for example, touches upon a few of the obstacles that she faced at first especially being a woman in an industry dominated primarily by men.

Michelle also walks us through the typical process between her and her clients, emphasizing how important it is to her to learn the couple’s love story, and she enthusiastically shares information about her Diamonds with Soul collection. Andy really appreciates Michelle’s time on the show and how quickly she responded to him when he reached out to her! Be sure to also check out her website and her social media pages on Instagram and Pinterest, and don’t forget to enter the code WEDDINGBIZ5 to get 5% off any purchase from Michelle’s company!

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Time Stamps

[0:37] – Andy reveals today’s guest as Michelle Demaree of Miss Diamond Ring.

[2:01] – Andy and Michelle talk about Michelle’s tagline on her website.

[3:00] – Michelle reflects on her childhood and where her love for diamonds comes from.

[3:52] – Learn about Michelle’s first serious career job.

[6:18] – Andy shares a story involving his music company.

[7:38] – Michelle discusses her time with Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston.

[8:35] – Michelle argues what sales are truly about.

[9:44] – Discover how Michelle focused more attention on her daughter at one point.

[12:41] – Michelle talks about how it felt to make the leap to entrepreneurship.

[14:17] – Michelle explains what it was like being a female in a male-centric industry.

[15:50] – Learn about Michelle’s price ranges in her company.

[18:12] – Michelle walks us through her usual process with clients.

[20:21] – Michelle gives an example of a couple’s love story being important to what she offered.

[22:02] – Michelle reveals what is trending right now.

[24:24] – Michelle discusses her presence on Instagram.

[27:34] – Learn about Michelle’s Diamonds with Soul collection.

[32:00] – We are reminded of a special offer and are told how to connect with Michelle online.



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