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Chatting with Andy in this episode of The Wedding Biz is Anna Price Olson! Anna is the editorial director of Brides and acts as the brand lead for the publication. Anna discusses how she got started in the industry, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the industry (with not all of it actually being bad), what the state of the market is like right now, some of the exciting trends that Anna and her publication are seeing, how planners and couples can have the best chance at getting their wedding story covered in Brides, and how planners and photographers can get on the best-of lists!

Anna also reveals what got her into the wedding industry and how one of the positive aspects of the pandemic has been people allowing themselves to break rules more and have more unique, personalized weddings. Andy has been aware of Anna’s name for a while and keeps up with Brides, so he is really grateful for Anna’s time and enjoyed having her on the podcast. Be sure to check out both Brides’ and Anna’s social media pages and also be sure to share this interview with good friends and colleagues who might benefit from and enjoy it and to leave a top review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[0:00] – This episode is brought to you by Melissa Forziat Events & Marketing.

[0:49] – Andy announces this episode’s guest to be Anna Price Olson of Brides.

[1:46] – We learn where Anna’s passion for the wedding industry came from.

[2:51] – Anna describes what she does for Brides.

[3:51] – Anna touches upon how COVID has impacted the wedding industry.

[5:29] – We discover how Anna sees the market currently.

[8:27] – Anna points out that more unique weddings are a plus side of the pandemic.

[9:38] – Anna lists some of the trends that she is seeing in the wedding industry.

[11:59] – Anna argues that hometown weddings can still be like destination weddings.

[13:50] – Anna talks about Brides’ targeted demographics.

[15:10] – We hear about some interesting statistics about Brides and the wedding industry.

[16:13] – Anna reveals how she feels about the immediacy of being in a digital world.

[17:36] – Learn what Brides looks for in submissions.

[19:39] – Anna explains what the criteria are for getting on Brides’ Best-of lists.

[22:14] – Anna predicts that the trend of personalization is going to continue.

[23:13] – We discover where Brides might be headed in the near future.

[24:45] – Andy shares where we can find Anna and Brides online.



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