The Wedding Biz – 65: THE NEXT LEVEL – Stephanie Bradshaw: Dynamically Branding Your Business & Events

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Today, Melissa and Andy are recording this episode of TNL from the Engage! Conference in Banff, Canada! Listen in as Andy answers a listener question that may also be a question you’ve been wondering about too!

Stephanie Bradshaw’s interview was amazing for a lot of reasons, but certain aspects of it particularly resonated with Andy and Melissa. If you haven’t listened to Stephanie’s interview yet, definitely make sure you listen because it is packed full of value!

In this episode, Melissa and Andy take a deeper dive into the following topics from Stephanie Bradshaw’s interview:

  • How Stephanie used being fired from a job she loved as a launch pad for her business.
  • Andy’s book recommendation for dealing with challenges and failure.
  • The unique program that Stephanie has developed for internships and mentorships.
  • The philosophy Stephanie implements company-wide for self-care – for herself and her team.

Links & Resources:

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday

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Stephanie’s Full Interview


This episode is sponsored by Rhythm6. To learn more about how they can wow your guests at your next event, click here.

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