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Andy is so happy to welcome Akeshi Akinseye to The Wedding Biz this week! Akeshi is a luxury wedding planner and designer based in Chicago. Running Kesh Events, Akeshi specializes in creating extraordinary celebrations all around the world. She is not only a luxury wedding planner and event designer but also an international speaker, author, and business coach, and she joins Andy for this episode to discuss how she came into the business, from where she finds inspiration, and how to open oneself up creatively.

Listen in to hear Akeshi also discuss current trends in the industry, how she goes about building an event team, how she has managed to garner such a big social media following, how she draws inspiration from her upbringing in the hospitality industry and her transition into event planning.

Discover how Akeshi found her calling in event planning, shifting from a career path in psychology to creating unforgettable experiences for her clients. She delves into her creative process, highlighting the importance of nature and open-mindedness in sparking fresh ideas. while also discussing the significance of culturally immersive entertainment.

Akeshi also shares her passion for celebrating life’s moments beyond weddings through The Art of Celebrating, a platform that inspires people to host stylish and elegant gatherings, from intimate dinners to lavish picnics. Join Andy as he and Akeshi explore the world of event planning and uncover the beauty of celebration in all its forms!

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Time Stamps

[0:24] – Today’s guest is Akeshi Akinseye of Kesh Events!

[1:37] – Akeshi shares how her upbringing in hospitality led me from psychology to event planning and design.

[4:08] – Andy reflects on having mediated a tense conversation between a bride and her mother, offering insightful advice.

[5:30] – Akeshi emphasizes the importance of balancing support for clients without taking sides in conflicts.

[7:21] – Akeshi stresses the importance of timing when delivering feedback, especially during sensitive moments like dress fittings.

[8:21] – From where does Akeshi find inspiration?

[10:10] – Akeshi further elaborates, revealing that she finds inspiration in everyday walks, turning photos into collages and drawing from unexpected sources.

[13:31] – Slowing down and allowing oneself to reset is crucial for creativity and avoiding forced designs.

[15:03] – Akeshi argues that honoring event locations through local culture, music, and personalized elements makes them meaningful and memorable.

[18:00] – Creating seamless transitions and immersive experiences in events ensures a memorable journey for guests.

[20:13] – Andy highlights his experience in the wedding and event industry, focusing on creating world-class entertainment.

[21:31] – Akeshi argues for the importance of forming the right team.

[23:16] – Akeshi prioritizes authenticity over aesthetics on social media, focusing on storytelling and brand representation.

[24:35] – Akeshi emphasizes the importance of storytelling on social media and discusses the perpetual uncertainty of securing future clients.

[26:41] – Andy reflects on business ups and downs, emphasizing faith in oneself to navigate challenges.

[29:36] – Appreciating work most during pauses, Akeshi emphasizes gratitude and trust in outcomes.

[31:32] – Akeshi discusses The Art of Celebrating, promoting celebration beyond weddings.

[33:00] – Learn where to find Akeshi online.



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